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More creative braggers will actually take a look at the whole Vectra range and brag about the good points from any of the different models, whether it is the one that they drive or not.
Where the key to deeper understanding of braggers comes in is to know that they are actually driven by insecurity.
But the problem is that most car braggers have normal cars which are about as sporty as the obituary section of The Sunday Times.
Scotland has a great source of inspiration for braggers in the form of world-class drivers such as Colin McRae, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and David Coulthard.
EVERY bragger dreams of a quality car and the endless boasting it offers.
The reality is braggers are very nervous about parking.
A car bragger loves nothing more than a new car to boast about to all and sundry.
It's nonsense, it's exaggeration, it's lies, but when the bragger tells their motorways tales, they really believe it's the truth.
SPEND any time around a car bragger and the conversation will eventually turn to L-plates and learning to drive.
SEPARATED from the car, a bragger can fall back on two trusty devices to impress his quarry.
It is easy for non-braggers, and people who actually have a life, to completely misunderstand the message that the bragger is trying to give out - and think of them as big-headed show-offs.
For car braggers, however, it creates a whole set of possible adventures so they can prove to other road users, their families and the poor souls who have to work with them, that they really are a very special breed.
Braggers don't need the Highway Code, because they have their own set of hand signals and gestures that don't appear in any book but are as recognisable as the sign of the cross.
COPING with congestion and traffic jams has long been an area of expertise for braggers.