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Each of the participating schools stood an equal chance to win the Ambassadorial trophy depending on their performance at the Big Brag.
David and Dean Giarrizzo founded Tag N' Brag as an outdoor social network targeting hunting and fishing enthusiasts.
We prescribe that the bragging rights process begins with a belief that a particular behaviour will result in the right to brag.
For example, feel free to brag about getting 44mpg while averaging 90mph - just as long as the mileage was clocked up while on a dirty weekend to London.
During NetValue's board meeting from December 20, 2000, Lennart Brag, Chairman and CEO made reference to the numerous contacts the Company has established with potential partners in the market research, communication industries and information technology providers in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.
But she can't really brag because we're not facing each other.
We would like to invite you to dial-in to a media teleconference on June 27 at 11:00 AM (EDT) with Tom Uhlman, president, Lucent New Ventures Group, and Johan Brag, Chairman and CEO of HealthCenter, who will discuss the companies' exciting news.
HealthCenter is implementing a reliable and secure end-to-end global infrastructure to deliver value-added services such as patient medical records management, test report transmission, chronic disease management, telemedicine and remote monitoring - all with 24x7 customer support," said Johan Brag, chairman and chief executive officer of HealthCenter.
He said: "It's something to brag about, but I'm not a bragging man.
It's not about looks -- it's about celebrating human endurance and the lengths some of us will go to be able to brag about what we did over the weekend.
BRAG President Gail Monroe-Perry says she sees a tremendous opportunity for black retailers to use their winning concepts to gain a greater market share of ethnic households: "As a result of fast growth, the buying power of people of color has been and will continue to be significant.
Determined residents today vowed to reclaim their estate from troublemakers and make it something to brag about.
On October 17, a man claiming to be the sniper telephoned the tip line to brag about an unsolved murder in Alabama.
A MAN who called police to brag that he couldn't be caught was arrested - while he was still on the phone.