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abnormally slow heartbeat

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There is limited clinical experience in patients at increased risk of symptomatic bradycardic events.
Once in the PACU, Nurse Ardzzone noted Elisabeth's heart rate was bradycardic and she was "a little pale.
However, both indices can be misleading, because young patients tend to maintain their blood pressure even when there is ongoing haemorrhage, and some other patients paradoxically become bradycardic following massive blood loss (1).
A head elevated, body tilted position was associated with fewer bradycardic and hypoxemic events (prone, 15[degrees]) and following stabilisation, a prolonged head elevated tilt position of 30[degrees] did not result in any change of heart rate and blood pressure, or oxygen saturation in preterm infants.
Once he was found and paramedics arrived, he was apneic and severely bradycardic with no palpable pulse.
It is interesting to note that application of PAP therapy in a previously bradycardic patient causes their heart rate to reach non-bradycardic or normal levels .
The bradycardic (heart rate slowing) effect of ATP, in particular its transient blockade of atrio-ventricular nodal conduction, has been shown in multiple published clinical studies to terminate re-entrant PSVT involving the atrio-ventricular node.
These events are distinguished from each another in that vasovagal patients will be bradycardic and patients in shock will be tachycardic.
At the time of delivery the baby may be bradycardic or may have hypoglycemia, but we can deal with that very easily.
Within 15 minutes, she became bradycardic, hypotensive and had a cardiac arrest requiring intubation and support.
She became hypotensive, bradycardic, and drowsy after her first dose of lofexidine, and her QT/QTc increased to 612/601 ms.
The hypotensive and bradycardic responses evoked by OEMV were attenuated and blocked by pre-treatment of the animals with atropine (2 mg [kg.
The patient was febrile, bradycardic, hypotensive, edematous, and markedly jaundiced.
The heart rhythm alters, frequently becoming bradycardic and often arresting rapidly.