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having bracts



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both densely pubescent and with bracteate peduncle.
Barbatae that also has pubescent leaf surface, bracteate peduncle and long corolla tubes.
Jeppesen Indument of lower pubescent glabrous surface of leaf blade Number of eight to ten eight to nine secondary veins congested forming Flower arrangement sparsely arranged corymbiform distal portions Peduncle bracteate bracteate Length of 6-9 mm 8-10 mm hypanthium Shape and length of liguliform, semicircular, calyx lobes (3-) 5-9 mm ca.
DELICATE WORK: Archaeologist Eddie Nash, above, and colleagues dig at the site near Loftus, right; GOLDEN DISCOVERY: Steve Sherlock displays a 7th Century gold bracteate brooch, left; and archaeologists work at the site of the important find, bottom left Pictures by ANDREW GRAY
0) along leafy, elongated, main branches, (1) in lateral racemes, (2) along bracteate, terminal portions of the main axis, which usually have shortened internodes (see Gonzalez, 1999b).
0) bracteate, (1) non-bracteate (see Gonzalez, 1999b).
and E-class MADS-Box homologues in Eupoma-tia (Eupomatiaceae): support for the bracteate origin of the calyptra.
After producing one to several sets of paired bracteate nodes, each stem terminates either as a stub or as a flower, or else exhibits indeterminate vegetative growth, reiterating the entire V[right arrow]I[right arrow]"F" pattern.
Because prophylls characteristically develop only in leaf axils, a palea that was homologous with a prophyll would be absent in a truly terminal flower, and we suggest that the "lemma and flower" structures of Anomochloa represent terminal bracteate flowers rather than subterminal ones.
In German lands, the range of the supreme status insignias was much wider and included gold neck rings, the so-called Kolbenarmring, finger rings, brooches, and bracteates (Lund Hansen 2001, 178 f.
Flowers unisexual or bisexual, 4-5-6-merous, bracteates or not; epicalyx entirely in the form of a sheath; androecium isomerous, stamens epipetalous, stigma and style undivided.
Inflorescences in racemes or spikes of triads or dyads, bracteates, axillary or terminal.
Inflorescences in capitules or umbels with flowers gathered at the apex of the peduncle conferring a glomerate appearance, bracteates, solitary or axillary.
This species leaves tend to be less spiney in deeper shade and also on the older leaves and is often sympatric with Acanthus bracteates.
Amulet pendants and a darkened sun: on the function of the gold bracteates and a possible motivation for the large gold hoards.