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Meanwhile, tiger prawn production dropped by five percent as the unrehabilitated brackish water fish ponds that were damaged during the series of typhoons last year resulted in lesser areas utilized and the high mortality of stocks pulled down the production in Zamboanga Peninsula.
Cesium-enriched sand resided on the beaches and in the brackish, slightly salty mixture of fresh water and salt water beneath the beaches.
Islamabad -- Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and Halophyte Institute of Karachi University (HI-KU) have signed an agreement grow halophytic fodder on the brackish underground water in Thar Coal Block II.
The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish seas in the world, situated between about 10-30[degrees] E and 54-66[degrees] N.
While desalination is usually associated with sea water, SAWS project pumps salty--or brackish --water from deep in the Wilcox Aquifer under south Bexar County as the source for this purified drinking water.
The generation of technologies and studies that allow the use of brackish water in food production becomes important for the agricultural scene.
Saltwater is essential to maintaining the ecological balance that a brackish lake needs to provide nutrients for fish and other marine life.
Between home and the expanse of the Columbia River that slips into the Pacific are the tides; saltwater giving way to brackish, which fades to freshwater further upstream.
It also provides for the creation of three mobile units for desalination of brackish groundwater and equipment of 34 deep wells, with 200 million dinars.
amazonicum populations, a curious pattern of brackish water dependence, in which there are either populations that complete their life cycle in fresh water (Zanders and Rodriguez, 1992; Charmantier and Anger, 2011) and those in which larvae die when kept in this salinity (Augusto et al.
Energy and water interests have sought clarity on that issue amid a tug-of-war over brackish groundwater aquifers.
While there is often water to be found in such places, it can be brackish and non-potable.
Washington, July1 ( ANI ): A recent study has found that the Arctic Ocean was very brackish and had reduced salinity back then, indicating that Sharks thrived some 50 million years ago.