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Synonyms for bracken

fern of southeastern Asia

large coarse fern often several feet high

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Forestry Commission Wales is using a 16-year-old Dutch Draft heavy horse mare to roll thick bracken in Breidden Forest, on the border between Powys and Shropshire.
Throughout her career, Terri has served as a mentor and a source of encouragement to professionals and students alike," said President William Bracken, PE, SI.
Bracken, who played five Tests and 116 one-day internationals for Australia, told News Limited newspapers that he was seeking at least Aus dollars 1.
He said unchecked bracken growth would damage biodiversity, hinder public access and, due to the plant's toxicity, pose a threat to human and animal health.
Thedeflatedballendedupstucknextto Bracken the Labrador's heart.
Fencing has been erected to keep grazing animals in, and contractors started the long-term work of bracken control by undertaking the first year cut in August.
Bracken fell for Maul because he cared about the world like she did (loads).
Betsi Cadwaladr said that if Bracken were in jail rather than a mental health unit he could apply for release on parole.
He said the concept was not only a viable source of renewable energy, it would also solve expensive bracken management issues for many farmers.
In Poland Bracken opted to line-up over the longer distance, and he carried his winning form over in devastating style to storm home in 8min 52.
However, Marlowe pointed out that Bracken isn't dead and that he is a "formidable person.
As we continue to receive assignments from the panhandle region, it just made sense to be closer to our clients," said firm president William Bracken, PE, SI.
Sydney, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Former Australian fast bowler Nathan Bracken has revealed that he took a legal action against Cricket Australia (CA) because there was no protection or worker's compensation in place for a player whose career was curtailed by injury.
Emmanuel Bracken, 28, went to the Croft Hotel in Stoke Green, Stoke, Coventry, at 6am on August 25, because he believed his former partner had been seen with another man.
Bracken who died in 1996, they had been married for 51 years.