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Biology of the brachyuran crab Pinnixia chaetopterana Stimpson (Decapoda: Pinnotheridae) symbiotic with tubicolous polychaetes along the Atlantic coast of the United States, with additional notes on other polychaete associations.
The fecundity of fifteen species of anomuran and brachyuran crabs.
Considering that the last thorough survey of brachyuran diversity in St Lucia was conducted by Millard and Broekhuysen in 1970, the primary aim of this study was to investigate current brachyuran diversity within the estuarine system, with particular emphasis on the Narrows, estuary basin and estuary mouth.
Studies of the blood circulation of brachyuran crabs, including snow and southern Tanner crabs, indicate that fluctuations of ambient pressure have the greatest effect on the blood flowing in the gills (Taylor, 1990).
Mechanism for the re-invasion of an estuary by two species of brachyuran megalopae.
carinirostris (Pandalidae) and the brachyuran crabs Stenorhynchus debilis (Majidae), Palicus cortezi, and P.
75; both caridean shrimp and brachyuran crab larvae were present in the spring, but brachyurans dominated the decapod prey in summer).
Surveys on Baja California coasts allow us to report new geographical records of 9 species of crustaceans (1 stomatopod, 5 caridean shrimps and 3 brachyuran crabs).
Relative impacts of two exotic brachyuran species on blue mussel populations in Long Island Sound.
Abundance of brachyuran larvae in a small coastal inlet over six consecutive tidal cycles.
There was a similar trend in 2002 nekton diets based on the consumption of adult and larval-juvenile Osteichthyes, euphausiids, and brachyuran larvae (Figs.
ABSTRACT The Caribbean King crab Mithrax spinosissimus is the largest brachyuran found in the western Atlantic and it supports subsistence and small commercial fisheries throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
Somatic growth and reproductive function in the female brachyuran decapod Carcinus maenas Linn.