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(especially of certain insects) having very short or rudimentary wings


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Gryllus firmus) the musculature of thorax was found to be significantly weaker in brachypterous individuals but the genitalia were more developed; thus a trade-off of these characters was suggested (Roff, 1986; Roff and Bradford, 1996).
i) We predict that consistent differences emerge between the body weights of macropterous and brachypterous individuals due to the different development of flight musculature.
00; hemelytral membrane in the macropterous form almost reaching apex of last abdominal segment, in brachypterous form reaching posterior border of abdominal segment III or anterior border of IV; femora not granulate, sparsely clothed with semidecumbent, silvery, bristle-like setae; maximum width of abdomen wider than 4.
19) and all of our specimens have brachypterous hindwings.
Macropterous and brachypterous females between young leaves at the center of leaf clusters were transferred with a moistened brush into 70% EtOH.
STRUCTURE: Body and hemelytra much more rounded than males; brachypterous with the cuneus reduced or obsolete, and membrane greatly reduced.
crassipes as evidenced by the difficulty in finding brachypterous adults even within a few days of release.
Because species of Carvalhomiris are brachypterous and macropterous, an explanation is needed to clarify how the length measurements were taken.
During a survey for natural enemies of this plant in northern and central Argentina, macropterous and brachypterous specimens of a slender and delicate Delphacini (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) were discovered.
1972), impression of well-preserved brachypterous forewing without anal field.
Female: Brachypterous, with abbreviated wings leaving 2 or 3 terminal abdominal terga exposed: of small to relatively large size: elongate to ovoid: range total length 2.
This species is multivoltine in southern Florida and exhibits the wing dimorphism of both brachypterous and macropterous wing-forms.
Specimens of Syndelphax have conspicuous facial carinae and may be brachypterous (often with dark tegmina contrasting with a yellow or stramineous body) or macropterous (with clear wings and a stramineous body).
Three Louisiana specimens, 2 brachypterous females and 1 macropterous male, reside in the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.
Their brachypterous "crawlers" were clearly equivalent to Schmeider's "second form", but within the macropterous, positively phototactic group, they distinguished 2 forms that differed in their propensity for flight.