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the quality of being brachycephalic

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Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly in the first two years of life: A prospective cohort study.
She was having mid-facial hypoplasia involving maxillary and zygomatic bones with orbital proptosis, hypertelorism (Figure 1), brachycephaly, high-arched palate, cleft palate (Figure 2) and all limbs showed fusion of multiple digits (Figure 3 and 4).
Table 1 - Dates of lemmatization of rare diseases YEAR OF PATHOLOGY PUBLICATION 1732 Dengue 1734 Leprosy 1884 Albinism Diphtheria 1899 Brachycephaly 1925 Hydrocephalus 1927 Scleroderma Ichthyosis Acromegaly 1936 [1939] Hemophilia Microcephaly 1970 Achondroplasia Botulism 1984 Thalassemia 1989 Brucellosis Phenylketonuria Glioma 2001 Legionellosis Narcolepsy Nevus Source: Own elaboration.
The primary outcome was improvement in skull shape at age 24 months as measured by the oblique diameter difference index (ODDI), a unitless measurement of plagiocephaly calculated by taking the ratio of measures of 2 dimensions of cranial diameter, and the cranioproportional index (CPI), a similar measurement of brachycephaly.
Although Georg Buschan stressed that the racial character of Bulgarians was significantly mixed, a fact evidenced in their brachycephaly, he also took pains to remind that the incidence of tall blondes in Bulgaria suggested remnants of Gothic blood.
Classification of craniosynostosis Non-syndromic Suture involved Simple Scaphocephaly Sagittal Anterior plagiocephaly Unilateral coronal Posterior plagiocephaly Unilateral lambdoid Trigonocephaly Metopic Compound Variable More than 1 suture Brachycephaly Bilateral lambdoid Turribrachycephaly Bilateral coronal Syndromic Crouzon's syndrome Typically bilateral coronal Apert's syndrome Usually coronal, often lambdoid Pfeiffer syndrome Multiple suture involvement Other, e.
For example, researchers are beginning to identify which genes cause a Bulldog or a Pug to have short pushed-in faces, or brachycephaly, and those that cause Saluki's or collies to have narrow, elongated snouts, or dolichocephaly.
The morphological USG allows identifying the fetus phenotypic alterations already described previously, such as: bone changes in hands and fingers (short and broad hands, clinodactyly, hypoplasia or absence of the middle phalanx), short femur and humerus, increase in the interocular distance, low-set ears, brachycephaly, macroglossia with mouth ajar.
All children were diagnosed as DS on the basis of their phenotypic findings like mongoloid facies, brachycephaly, depressed nasal bridge,
The patient had dysmorphic characteristics including bilateral wide and borderline low-set ears, brachycephaly, low frontal hair line, wide and prominent nose, micrognatia and microcephaly.
Now six-month-old Lucy has been diagnosed with severe Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly, commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome (FHS), causing her head to be misshapen.
Now six-months-old Lucy has been diagnosed with severe Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly, commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome (FHS), causing her head to misshapen.
Alfie was diagnosed with plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and torticollis last month.
Routine ultrasonography revealed a single dead fetus in cephalic presentation with mild hydrocephalus and brachycephaly.
Localization of canine Brachycephaly using an across breed mapping approach.