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Synonyms for brachycephalic

an adult with a short broad head

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having a short broad head with a cephalic index of over 80

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The fact is, a nice long snout means that the internal respiratory system "equipment" is nicely spaced out, while our brachycephalic friends have it all too tightly packed into a confined (snub
In 1925, Pautow reported the results of his study of eustachian tube morphology as related to head shape] He found that brachycephalic adults were more likely to have relatively straight tubes.
The country of origin of the brachycephalic (short-headed) and white race is Central Asia.
A cop, Of brachycephalic head and garlic breath, Toothpick from side of mouth and pants ass-bagged and holster low, From eyes the color of old coffee grounds, Regarded with imperfect sympathy La condition humaine-- Which was sure-God what we were.
The brachycephalic breeds, such as bulldogs, have noses set so high on their muzzles that they can't reach them with their tongues, so the noses tend to become cracked and dry on top.
Nurtured by his mother with the doctrines of fin-de-siecle anti-Semitism, Septimus evolves an even more crazed form of racism based on the difference between the Brachycephalic man and the Dolchycephalic man: "The Dolchycephalic's root syllable, MOG (still evident in the early Chaldean) means magician.
Old or obese dogs and such brachycephalic breeds as the pug are especially susceptible.
Brachycephalic breeds (cats and dogs with their snouts pushed in such as Persian cats and Pug dogs), are particularly prone to problems during periods of high heat and humidity.
These brachycephalic breeds have very narrow air passages and when they get hot the walls of these passages swell and reduce the amount of space available for air movement and they can quite literally suffocate.