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a Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II

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44) British West Indian and Haitian braceros reportedly participated in the strike movements at a number of sugar centrales, including in Cayo Juan Claro, Mabay, Miranda, Punta Alegre, Rio Cauto, and Santa Lucia, as well as on the Boston and Preston plantations of the United Fruit Company.
However, what is ignored in Galarza's account and in other histories depicting the braceros as strikebreakers is the fact that the first response of the braceros was to leave the fields in support of the National Farm Labor Union's strike of 1947.
Although the Bracero Program is widely recalled as a negative experience, some authors have contended the early years were marked with better protections for Mexican workers, including a refusal to send braceros to areas marked by anti-Mexican discrimination (Garcia y Griego, 1996).
government extracted 10 percent of their wages from each check and Wells Fargo banked the garnished wages for transfer to Mexican banks, yet few braceros ever received the forced savings.
The operation of the Bracero Program, for example, involved disagreements between the Department of Agriculture, which generally favored it, and the Department of Labor, which at the end worked to curtail the program (see Craig, 1971; see also Calavita, 1992).
SAN FRANCISCO) Former Mexican Braceros File Class Action Suit to
Born in El Paso, Texas, in 1918, Corona arrived in Los Angeles in 1936 and was active in the labor movement as an organizer for the Congress of Industrial Organizations, and went on to work with braceros, field laborers from Mexico.
He follows girls' coach Michele Braceros, who announced at the start of the year this would be her final season.
Coach Michele Braceros won't sink to gimmicks to motivate her Canyon High girls' soccer team.
Braceros said this could be the breakout year, because she has her entire team healthy and in town (the Cowboys usually lose players to family vacations).
2-number of coaches who have announced they won't return next season (Art Gomez of Lancaster and Michele Braceros of Canyon).
Quartz Hill, which completed the first undefeated, untied Golden League season since girls soccer began there in 1987, became the first of what Canyon coach Michele Braceros hopes is many victims who treat Canyon's 8-11-4 record lightly.
She was on varsity because Coach Michele Braceros felt she had the skill and talent to contribute.
According to coach Michele Braceros, the younger players are stepping forward.
They are braceros like Eliseo Gomez Guzman, 81, of Monterey Park, who came to California as a young man in the early 1940s as part of a binational program in which Mexico provided laborers to fill a manpower shortage in America caused by World War II.