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Synonyms for bozo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

an informal term for a youth or man


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And this year, the world's most famous clown, BOZO, star of the longest running kids' show in TV history, turns 50
If a Valley mayor ever pulled such a stunt, he would be recalled from office and would not just get moved to some other cushy position, as happens with the recycled bozos in L.
Don't be fooled by such nonsense because if you invest all you would be doing is helping these bozos make lots of cash.
NEW YORK, May 23 /PRNewsire/ -- Attorneys for Larry Harmon, creator of television's "Bozo the Clown" and the first of 200 Harmon-trained Bozos to appear on U.
I don't know who these bozos spoke to, but my husband can do about 72 seconds before his eyes glaze over and about seven minutes before he throws a wobbly and stomps off to the pub.
phone harangues, more too-much-drinking-and-flirting, brief connections with guys who don't call and worse nights with bozos who turn into stalkers.
Whoever does should sack some of the pathetic bozos they employ.
Among a swirl of television cameras and still photographers, the potential Bozos strutted their stuff across the stage of the Laugh Factory, a Hollywood comedy club, while Harmon and his staff inspected their smorgasbord of specialty acts and critiqued their costumes, make-up and stage presence.
Well, I'd like to tell those bozos who run Heathrow and who tried to blame the queues on "extra security checks" that, contrary to what they might think, their passengers are NOT all one wave short of a shipwreck.
Naturally, given these bozos, the good times end quickly.
MORE news on Slicker's run-in with the car park bozos at Safeway's Chalk Farm store.
So far removed from reality are the patronising bozos who plan these strategies, they haven't realised the reason people on low incomes don't buy fruit and veg isn't because they don't like it or understand its benefits.
Doesn't this bozo and all the other bozos in traffic departments all over Britain realise that most people don't want to use public transport - not just because it's useless, dirty, unreliable and liable to kill you, but because none of us - especially women - feel safe.
It's easy to put down ``Harry'' as an overly cute ``chick flick,'' but Ephron and Reiner nail enough recognizable notes regarding relationships that it should hit home - and with laughs - for everyone (well, maybe not those bozos buying the Budweiser inflatable chairs with cup holders for their Super Bowl parties).