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Synonyms for bozo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

an informal term for a youth or man


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My mother named it after Bozo, after Randy, my brother, and Amanda [Weir's oldest daughter].
As elsewhere in the film, Bozo favours the improvisational, Jackie the predictable.
Henri Bozo, who learnt his trade in South Africa, Australia, the US with Christophe Clement and in Ireland at the Irish National Stud and with Lady Chryss O'Reilly, takes up the story.
A portrait of the first true Bozo has been commissioned.
Since 1984, the truckin' Bozo has entertained, informed and listened to the long haul truck drivers all across North America.
Sick Ronald Blackmore, 64, who worked under the name Bozo, was serving three years for breaking an order banning him from contact with children for life.
Falcon has license agreements to develop audio and/or video content under the brands TV GUIDE, AMC, The Twilight Zone, and BOZO the Clown.
TORY bozo Boris Johnson confusing the Planning Minister, Nick Boles, for the Housing Minister, Mark Prisk, was embarrassing for both Johnson and overlooked Mark Who?
Government spokesman Bozo Predalic said: "We are very happy with the price we agreed for this property that was one of the best in our portfolio,"
Henri Bozo, spokesman for the filly's owner, Lucien Urano of Ecurie des Monceaux, said yesterday: "She bled in a spectacular way in the Diane, and will now go back to our stud and have a rest of at least six weeks.
Other members include Shawn's childhood friend Al (Allen Zwole), who still lives with his parents in their retirement community and has a demeaning job as a ``smilist'' at Klown Kuts, a chain salon in which all the hairdressers wear Bozo makeup and earn bonuses for juggling.
Blackmore, 62, who works under the name Bozo, is now banned from any contact with children to stop him satisfying his evil lust.
The exhibition comes less than a month after the cancellation of The Bozo Show, one of the most endurable children's shows of all time.
His grandfather Bob Bell was Bozo the Clown on WGN-TV in Chicago in the 1960s.
So while our security services bust their guts to keep us safe the bozo judges at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission have made it clear they're more concerned about the sanity of people who may be plotting to kill us than they are about us.