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cultivated hybrid bramble of California having large dark wine-red fruit with a flavor resembling raspberries

large raspberry-flavored fruit

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Aromas of cherry and strawberry leading to flavors of boysenberry and cherry with touches of cedar and herbs.
A deep ruby hue leads the way, with a nose of cedar, spice-box and lush boysenberry jam; 18 months in oak, lending vanilla flavors that meld into the fruit forward backbone of this fine wine.
Sims also supplies organic and unusual fresh fruit and ingredients, including boysenberry, saskatoon berries and Californian sun-dried fruits.
Another recently developed tasty hybrid is the boysenberry.
Think summer, think red and purple; think nutritious berries, from the familiar strawberry, blueberry and raspberry to the less common boysenberry, huckleberry and elderberry.
Other morning seasonings can include: apricot, raspberry, boysenberry, or strawberry preserves; sliced ripe berries and bananas; canned crushed pineapple; thawed frozen mango or fresh ripe mango; apple juice concentrate; chopped dates; and ground cinnamon or nutmeg.
Both Strothman and Myers offer traditional honey-fermented mead as well as fruit-flavored honey meads featuring flavors such as black raspberry, peaches, boysenberry or apricot, Some of their meads are still (meaning uncarbonated), while some are sparkling (carbonated).
For example, Dreyer's or Edy's says its Whole Fruit Boysenberry is "loaded with fruit, not fat.
They are, according to the writer, therefore in the same category as beliefs about Santa Claus and preferences for boysenberry yogurt.
He carries enough crust to top a dozen boysenberry pies baked by his sassy-lassie daughter, Hannie (Julie Johnson).
Regular Flavored Syrups: Almond, Amaretto, Anisette, Apple, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Butterscotch, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Coconut, Creme de Cacao Clear, Creme de Cacao Dark, Creme de Menthe, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Macadamia, Mandarino, Mango, Orange, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, Praline, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Tropical Fruit, and Vanilla.
Area businessmen such as Walter Knott, the boysenberry magnate whose theme park Knott's Berry Farm is still a Southland tourist attraction, helped lead the way with money and encouragement.
Available flavors: Blackberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry.
Aveda lipstick in Boysenberry is an excellent shade.