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cultivated hybrid bramble of California having large dark wine-red fruit with a flavor resembling raspberries

large raspberry-flavored fruit

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A deep ruby hue leads the way, with a nose of cedar, spice-box and lush boysenberry jam; 18 months in oak, lending vanilla flavors that meld into the fruit forward backbone of this fine wine.
For example, Dreyer's or Edy's says its Whole Fruit Boysenberry is "loaded with fruit, not fat.
Area businessmen such as Walter Knott, the boysenberry magnate whose theme park Knott's Berry Farm is still a Southland tourist attraction, helped lead the way with money and encouragement.
Available flavors: Blackberry, Boysenberry, Gooseberry, Loganberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry.
Aveda lipstick in Boysenberry is an excellent shade.
And Windflower is a botanical-inspired pattern with a modern beige background in shades of sage, boysenberry and soft yellow.
The 12 flavors of Yuletide Yumminess include Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cups, Egg Nog, Brownie Batter, Butterscotch, Strawberry Rhubarb Tart, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Amaretto Cookies, Black Forest Cake, Boysenberry Tart, Tiramisu and Gingerbread.
March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrate Knott's delicious roots during the Boysenberry Festival, March 28 -- April 12, in the theme park's historic Ghost Town.
Brandlin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon contrasts Antica, delivering a dense taste with red and black currants in a toasty wine while, featuring a perfect blend of fleshy boysenberry, black cherry, and a subtle hint of black tea and opening into a warm caramel flavoring for a refined end.
Heat Wild Orchid opens with an exotic blend of coconut water, boysenberry and pomegranate.
Sterling 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley; $2G) Aromatic and darkly decadent with plum, boysenberry, mocha, and vanilla.
While we're having this Donna Reed moment, we need to be properly attired, and so we turn to the online clothing boutique Shabby Apple to select the perfect apron from their delightful Boysenberry Pie line.
New Zealand Extracts has extended its range of naturally extracted, science-based Oxifend antioxidants to include Oxifend Kiwifruit, Boysenberry and Blackcurrant extracts.
The range comprises restaurant-inspired desserts such as Gianduja mousse with sea salted caramel, and boysenberry & raspberry yoghurt fool with ginger biscuits, in either single or twin-pot packs.
This medium-bodied black grape offers aromas and flavors of violet, ripe boysenberry, vanilla and clove spice, with a hint of coffee.