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being characteristic of a boy

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His Adam's apple, the flatness of his chest under vestments, and a nose he seems to still be growing into bring boyishness to the surface.
Ditto slowly began unraveling her femmeness after hiding it in a lesbian feminist subculture where boyishness, if not boys, ruled.
Their mischievous boyishness was evident as they were driven to Westminster Abbey.
But as dazzling as she is, it's hard to ignore the considerable age difference between her and Coppellotti, a string bean of boyishness more suited to Grieco's girlish Hope on their sweetly rendered "Easy to Love" and "It's De-Lovely.
She was surprised to find herself feeling a little sorry for him, and she was struck again by his boyishness, at least in this darkened form.
Presumably taken in the summer of 1914 after his enlistment, the photo highlights his cocky boyishness, "his dark eyes, sticky-out ears, and the jaunty smile which agreed that the fun would be all over by Christmas.
She has also investigated what behaviours are feasible for boys and girls in relation to norms for boyishness.
There is a sort of boyishness to him, a smooth-facedness and suddenness of gesture that makes him all the scarier in his rage.
They move with broad strides, as if they had been playing soccer even before they learned to walk--despite their boyishness, they want to show everyone how manly they are.
An odd mixture of narcissism, self-righteousness and boyishness pervades his account.
Martin says: "Boy Meets Girl doesn't have any of the clichs of gender swapping dramas - it could have been quite facile but I think it works because I've got a bit of femininity about me and Rachael has a bit of boyishness about her.
His early works feature the faces of young men taken from pornographic photographs shot between the 1960s and the 1980s, portraits that, by denying full-body views, run counter to the imagery's initial uses and introduce the complexities of the subjects' emotional life, of the parallel truths of boyishness and sensuality.
Bush, that he lacks the easy backslapping boyishness that is the lubricant of the regions politics.
Steven Cohan, for instance, argued that postwar young Hollywood stars' youth was "interpreted, both on film and in the fan discourse, through the trope of boyishness which mainstream American culture repeatedly drew upon after the war when representing deviations from hegemonic masculinity as a boy's impersonation of manhood, as a performance that always falls short of the original" (p.