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like a boy


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We were grinning boyishly as we smeared the round pastry with the coffee-flavoured cream and skidded the concoction against the cinnamon-ribbon dividing the plate.
They felt like boys and wanted to wear male clothing and acted boyishly.
German-born Erhardt, a popular and boyishly handsome young man, was undertaking an internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Lustig sounds boyishly enthusiastic about Celtic but he'll be among their elder statesmen this weekend.
Sitting at a corner table at Manhattan's Soho House restaurant decades later, casual and boyishly handsome in a blue sweater and jeans, Modine still looks pretty satisfied at having scored the free wheels.
It was an incredibly profound moment," says the actor, who grew up in leafy Surrey and is instantly recognisable with his dark brown quiff rising up from a boyishly handsome face.
Dr Barnes was drunk: sweetly, boyishly, unashamedly drunk.
A manager's work is never done and Lee, boyishly young at 39, had the energy to be a natural workaholic.
The 40-year-old superstar's chiseled features, which once made him an MTV fixture, ensure he's still boyishly handsome, but there's also a well-earned maturity that wasn't evident when Martin became a household name.
His curly dark locks are now salt and pepper grey and his face a little more lined, but he's boyishly passionate about his new project and incredibly honest about what he calls his "downward spiral of self-destruction" in his 20s, when having graduated from child actor to adult, he was plagued with self-doubt.
Dockers recently selected Grylls as the face of its campaign, which features the boyishly handsome adventure fanatic tramping through Central Park in slimly tailored khakis and a narrow tie, looking more like a young Gregory Peck than Crocodile Dundee.
The four-piece group, led by the boyishly handsome Chris Martin (perhaps many in the crowd wondered, as I did, what his wife Gwyneth Paltrow was doing for New Year's Eve), came on just after 10pm and put in a solid set until just before midnight, perfectly timing what we thought was their last song to segue into a 20-second countdown to the New Year.
Back in March, impressed with his boyishly handsome turn in courtroom drama Silk, we promised to keep an eye on actor Tom Hughes who played rookie barrister Nick Slade.
She is still too young to get married," he declares boyishly.