boy wonder

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an extremely talented young male person

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Rooney, a former boy wonder himself, insists it is only a matter of time for Rashford with club and country.
We've not been able to find out anything about Willie IsaacsGraham BuddFrom the Boy Wonder description Willie was obviously considered to be the next big thingGraham Budd
Batman Incorporated" writer Grant Morrison divulged to the Post that the Boy Wonder dies a hero's death; he is killed amid a battle with a "brutal enemy.
Boy Wonder Records CEO, Eric Nolan Grant is currently touring with the O'Jays while planning a showcase tour of his own for Boy Wonder Records.
BOY WONDER Callum McInnnes receives his award from Bushido's Chris Dawson
I have a lot to build on," the boy wonder said on Sunday.
OLAFUR ARNALDS Tel: 029 2023 0429 THE current boy wonder of Icelandic classical-folk-electro pop.
Just think, the boy wonder from Walthamstow was once famous for playing football: how times have changed?
It behoves us to recall that the Great Blair, whatever one thinks of these last spinning, prevaricating years, was once an inexperienced boy wonder himself.
If his life played out in one of his comic books, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg could fill many roles - boy wonder, cunning mastermind, perhaps even the mad genius bent on world domination.
Nothing in Common (Tristar Pictures, 1986) Smart, funny, charming, 30-something David Basner (Tom Hanks) is the boy wonder of a Chicago ad firm where work is more fun than a game of pickup softball.
Kitt and the Batmobile are household names just as much as 007 and the Boy Wonder.
Savier expanded their line-up, adding superams Jesse Silvey and Jani Laitiala, while Karl Watson's kind new Organika skateboards will be guided along the bay blocks by boy wonder Seth Cheeks from 4:20 'til the sun goes down.
Luckily for the boy wonder, I'm told there is a junior room at the Paraparaunu club.
Dot (the curvaceous owner of the Diner and overall mother hen), Enzo/Matrix (Dot's brother, former boy wonder and now a full-fledged hero), their assortment of aptly named friends (Phong, Mouse, Raytracer) and, especially, foes like Megabyte and Hexadecimal.