boxing ring

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a square ring where boxers fight

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And his work in the boxing ring is nothing short of bravura.
Hours later the West Ham and Bolton match turned into a boxing ring.
I'm a lot less worried about him in the boxing ring than I'd be if he were on the streets.
LAS VEGAS - Fernando Vargas experienced something new here Saturday: Compassion for his opponent, an emotion that doesn't normally make it to the boxing ring.
HE hung up his gloves ages ago, but it seems moody Chris Eubank thinks he's still in the boxing ring.
Rodriguez sizzles in this story of a young woman who escapes from an abusive father and enters into the boxing ring, finding herself in the process.
The 21-year-old blonde kept on her skin-tight dress and high heels and strode past the spinning class and boxing ring, while gossiping away on her mobile phone.
They will be held in a boxing ring purchased in May, with money received through the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park, United Way and from a block grant from Supervisor Michael D.
If William Hague had delivered such a low blow in a boxing ring, he would have been punching the canvas.
Photo: (1 -- 2) Lawyer Jacqui Frazier Lyde trains for a chance to follow her father, Joe Frazier, in the boxing ring and perhaps even fight Laila Ali, 3-0 in her professional career.
HE no longer dominates the boxing ring but the mystique surrounding Mike Tyson undeniably remains.
Additional equipment is needed, in particular a boxing ring, and club members are hoping donations can eventually provide such assets.
But Malawian sports minister Floriano Kayone really gobsmacked me when he said there isn't a decent boxing ring anywhere to be found.
Harry Marsden built the boxing ring and training area behind his house in Eland Close, Kenton, Newcastle, after he was forced to move from his original premises.