boxing match

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a match between boxers

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Rob finds himself in trouble with Rachel when he gives Bolton some pills ahead of his boxing match, and Eddie (Neil Morrissey, above) discovers Melissa's secret.
The boxing match will be hosted by the Jackie Robinson County Park Boxing Club.
Emma Brammer, aged 13, from Stanfield, Tunstall, Staffordshire, will fight Leicestershire-based Andrea Prime, also 13, in Britain's first women's amateur boxing match.
It was one of the worst shows of a boxing match I've ever seen.
Last night, Macca, 47, said he was right up for the proposed charity boxing match in Dubai.
Man admits taking metal bar to boxing match riot scene
IT was touching to see the heartfelt support from fight fans for Frank Bruno at the England v USA amateur boxing match at the York Hall.
But the charity boxing match against my fellow Mirrorman Gordon Smith is definitely back on this Sunday.
rock station asked Tom Merkl and his cohorts in the band Iffy to play their soulful hard-edged pop at a, promotional But the station didn't mention the amateur boxing match, the wet T-shirt contest, or me "P.
Nov 29 /PRNewswire/ -- American Champion Entertainment (Nasdaq: ACEI) is planning a professional boxing match to be held in Beijing, China on April 22, 2000 (press release dated Nov 19, 1999).
They were testing the wave pattersn to see how much damage may be done to he brain during a boxing match.
A BOXING match night ended in chaos when angry English fight fans attacked their Scottish rivals.
They would add up like points in a closely-fought boxing match.
FOOTBALL legend Gordon Smith has left lardy funnyman Tam Cowan on the ropes ahead of a charity boxing match - without even raising a glove in anger.
All the fighters will be wearing headguards but apart from that it will be like a proper professional boxing match.