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underpants worn by men

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This instrument happening to be the baby, great commotion and alarm ensued, which the sagacity of Boxer rather tended to increase; for, that good dog, more thoughtful than its master, had, it seemed, been watching the old gentleman in his sleep, lest he should walk off with a few young poplar trees that were tied up behind the cart; and he still attended on him very closely, worrying his gaiters in fact, and making dead sets at the buttons.
Making no more of Boxer than if he had been a house lamb!
It happened opportunely, that Boxer, without receiving the proposed stimulus, began to bark with great zeal.
Alcinous's son Laodamas was the best boxer, and he it was who presently said, when they had all been diverted with the games, "Let us ask the stranger whether he excels in any of these sports; he seems very powerfully built; his thighs, calves, hands, and neck are of prodigious strength, nor is he at all old, but he has suffered much lately, and there is nothing like the sea for making havoc with a man, no matter how strong he is.
I didn't mean either of the boxers," said the little priest.
One of the men desisted and turned towards him, and my brother, realising from his an- tagonist's face that a fight was unavoidable, and being an expert boxer, went into him forthwith and sent him down against the wheel of the chaise.
By EDITORIALThe Champion of Champions boxing championships ended on Saturday at Kaloleni Social Hall with boxers battling for selection to the Kenya team to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, due in Australia from April 4 to 15.
ISLAMABAD -- In a bid to bring talented Pakistani boxers to fore, British boxer Amir Khan Monday announced to launch the Super Boxing League (SBL) in Pakistan this December.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 22 (ANI): Maratha Yoddhas continued their rich vein of form as they thrashed the Bahubali Boxers 12-6 to make it two wins out of two in Group B of the Super Boxing League here last evening.
The volume of Filipino boxers has dwindled over the years due to the costly medical requirements needed to secure a license from the Games and Amusements Board.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan-origin boxing champ Amir Khan has said that he wants to prepare boxers in Pakistan who can fight and win medals for the country in Olympics and other international events.
The increasing occurrence of such incidents pushed human rights organisations to pressure the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) to take measures that the lives of boxers are protected, especially young ones.
On behalf of Germanys Federal Agency of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-service Support, the international procurement agency Occar has placed an order with Artec GmbH a joint venture of Rheinmetall and KMW to supply an additional 131 Boxers configured for an armoured personnel carrier role.
Like most pro boxing bodies around the world functions, the IBC will issue licences to boxers, coaches, trainers and promoters, and will also sanction the bouts.
Irrespective of who stops the fight, the stoppage should be timely and fair to the combatants and their corners; a premature stoppage is unfair to the boxers, their corners, the promoter and the public, while a fight stopped too late risks serious injury and even death of the boxer.