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(usually plural) an expression used when two dice are thrown and both come up showing six spots

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2-3-1" refers to the initial arrival and experience of African Americans in Elgin in 1862, when there were "two" boxcars full of slaves, known as contraband, which were segregated onto a "three"-block area in Elgin, "one" city.
soldier who stood guard on these boxcars to keep anyone from escaping told me that at one destination, the Soviet soldiers immediately herded those people out of the boxcars and into a field behind some buildings and machine-gunned them to death.
None of those [train cars] were supposed to be boxcars because every prisoner had a seat of his own.
The Oregon boxcar is still on display at the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum in North Bend.
The reason: The woman was either trying to cross over or under one of the boxcars when she was hit, police said.
Those few who comb Ginsberg's verse retrieve insights strangely similar and few: there is much doting fascination with the phrase "boxcars boxcars boxcars," for example.
Customs bonded facility and has a rail spur for loading/unloading rail boxcars or flat cars.
Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and CSX Transportation are joining forces to offer a transcontinental, 55-car train of new refrigerated boxcars that will travel from Wallula WA to Albany NY in just over five days.
Once in Los Angeles, he worked several odd jobs, including moving furniture and working at a chemical coating factory, until landing a job in the food industry, unloading boxcars in a warehouse for Mayfair Markets.
Rail company logos, including B&O and Penn Central, are carved into the sides of the slabs, imitating the boxcars of the historic rail lines which were unloaded in the yard.
Ideal for the efficient transport and storage of non-regulated foods and ingredients, paper, plastic resin, waste chips, dry chemicals, machine components, pickable small parts and myriad other unwieldy, granular and pourable solid products, the reusable container fits two across and four-high in standard boxcars when filled, covered and stacked, depending on the product weight.
The reusable container fits two across and four high in standard boxcars when filled, covered and stacked, depending on the product weight.
3] capacity that maximizes space in standard 55-ft-long boxcars.
It may be used indoors in warehouses, ship holds, boxcars, factories, and food processing plants, or as containerized pesticide baits in child-resistant packages.