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a coiled bedspring in a frame that is covered with cloth

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is promoting its flame-resistant two-piece FireDefender mattress pad and box spring cover with a free point-of-sale program for retailers during October, which is National Fire Prevention Month.
All homes had wall-to-wall carpeting in the study bedroom and none of the homes used a fully encasing impermeable mattress or box spring cover on their bed before enrollment into the study.
A queen-sized mattress and box spring combination sells for $1,700 to $2,200, and is available in retail stores and through the Real Goods catalog.
Connecting the 4-by-4s, 2-by-8s bolted to the posts serve as a frame for the 60- by 80-inch box spring and mattress; for additional support, Mr.
East Brookfield Bulk Day Anything that is too big for blue trash bags, $50 fee per pickup truck load; $10 fee will be charged for each mattress, box spring, electronics and upholstered furniture brought in.
Any mattress or box spring donation must meet the following strict standards—all items must be stain-free, without rips or structural defects.
Use an allergy-proof cover that completely contains your mattress and box spring.
17 without realizing the cat was likely in a favorite hiding spot: the box spring.
Little did I know when the cat is scared it hides inside the box spring.
A low box spring will allow small children to get in and out of bed more easily, lowering the risk of falls.
BLACKHAWK's Bedside Holster slips securely between a mattress and box spring making your home defense handgun readily available when time is of the essence.
Specialty barrier bedding such as healthcare mattress and box spring covers feature Zip N' Stick [TM]closure and are engineered to keep bedbugs from getting into or out of the mattress.
While it's nearly impossible to prevent residents from bringing bed bugs into their apartments, some owners are beginning to require "bed-bug-proof" mattress and box spring encasements for units found to have (and subsequently treated for) bed bugs.
During the recycling process, each mattress or box spring is pushed onto a conveyor belt, where specially designed saws cut away soft materials on the top and bottom, separating the polyurethane foam and cotton fiber from the framework.