box seat

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  • noun

Synonyms for box seat

a special seat in a theater or grandstand box

the driver's seat on a coach

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England are in the box seat but there are twists and turns to come, says Welsh skipper
Neil Lennon admits Rangers are now in the box seat in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League title race following Celtic's shock 3-2 defeat at Inverness.
Capture the pace and action from the world's most exciting football league from the luxury and prestige of the Director's Box Seats.
Replacement Chris Riggott is vowing to keep Ehiogu on the sidelines even when he's fit again, saying: "I'd like to think I'm in the box seat.
The best way to understand my point is to compare how a professional baseball game looks on a television screen, from a two-dimensional perspective that mostly shows a pitcher versus a batter, and then from the three-dimensional view of a box seat, where you can also see the coaches giving their signs, the fielders positioning themselves and the base runners taking their leads.
Sri Lanka bowled and fielded woefully in St Lucia and with Lara in total control of Muttiah Muralitharan, the hosts look to be in the box seat.
Moores' side were in the box seat to set up a result on the final day.
Imagine Sir Philip Carter turning up and finding someone else in his Directors' Box seat.
My first sparring event as a spectator began on an October morning and was like sitting in a box seat to the great performance.
For about half the cost of a box seat, the authors explain, illuminate, and document but do not attempt to console.
The third-floor clubhouse box seat packages include admission to the luxurious Secretariat Lounge, an exclusive, upscale, indoor hospitality area that will feature premium gourmet food, an open bar, televisions, betting kiosks and live music between races.
The stolen fishing equipment included fishing rods and a box seat.
With Essendon being demoted to ninth, Tuohy's club Carlton is in the box seat for finals action if they defeat Port Adelaide at Football Park in Adelaide on Saturday morning.
In that sense as a referee you're very lucky, you've got the box seat in the house for viewing what unfolds.
Yes, we lost a couple of wickets at the end, which isn't ideal, but with two days to play I think we're in the box seat.