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Synonyms for box office

the amount of money collected as admission, especially to a sporting event


Synonyms for box office

total admission receipts for an entertainment

the office where tickets of admission are sold

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In addition to event tickets, AOL members can also visit AOL Box Office to access Allstate's tickets to tours and activities in the Las Vegas area.
Millions of consumers use AOL Box Office as their one-stop resource for tickets and information for live events across the nation," said Bill Schreiner, General Manager, AOL Box Office.
According to Penny Stegeman, Vice President of Finance of Allstate Ticketing, "Joining forces with AOL Box Office is a great way to present our comprehensive offering of Las Vegas events and attractions tickets to the largest audience on the Web.
AOL Box Office has expanded its offerings to more than 40,000 events at more than 6,000 venues, making it the most comprehensive ticketing resource online.
In all, ``Mind'' has earned a stellar $93 million at the box office and is poised to cross the $100 million mark by next weekend.
All the indications are that by 10 years from now, the domestic market will make up only about a third of a film's box office,'' said Tony Manne, executive vice president of international marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures.
As foreign box office takes rise, so will the number of big-budget, big-action, big-star films produced by major studios.
One glance at the box office for ``Striptease'' tells the story.
Total box office revenues for the first 19 days of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace continue to be very strong with more than $3.