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a kite shaped like a box open at both ends

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It was a lot more complicated than building a box kite, that's for sure.
Most certainly, the box kite fashioned by Lawrence Hargrave ensured the evolution that allows the 747 to wing overhead or the Space Shuttle to make its scientific milk runs far above the planet.
It is a romantic myth that the Wright brothers were just quaint bicycle builders and backroom tinkers who somehow managed a spluttering flight in a large box kite in 1903.
Prizes will also be given in other categories, including the funniest kite, the most patriotic kite, and the best-looking box kite, to name just a few.
Consider some of the aerodynamic wonders of the world: the supersonic Concorde, a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, a box kite.
Your library has books that will show you how to make the basic types - flat kite, box kite, or flexible kite - with such simple materials as glue, sticks, string, paper, cloth, or plastic.
Meanwhile, Washington hosted the 21st International Kite Festival, which saw long-tailed dragon kites, stunt kites and box kites lighting up the sky.
Every declaration of love I had for my father, the retired Air Force colonel who loved his family fiercely, who built us box kites, and who laughed heartily and believed success was defined by happiness.
That accomplishment would double the highest official altitude record for kites, set in 1919 by a string of eight box kites that reached 9,740 meters.
Numbered, three-dimensional hanging signs resembling box kites set off the different checkout aisles, while two sombreros sit on the corners of a price sign over the liquor department, which features Presidente brandy from Mexico.
Long-tailed dragon kites, stunt kites and box kites were flown by experts from as far away as Japan, USA, India and Ghana.
Highlights for this weekend's event include long-tailed dragon kites, kite buggying and power kiting, stunt kites, box kites and the traditional mass kite fly event.
But you'd think among the feng shui wind chimes, silk parasols, Shanghai dragon T-shirts, jade bracelets, Buddha snow globes, 2-pound bags of dried sea cucumber, Jet Li posters, bamboo back scratchers, toy combat chucks, shiatsu sticks, plastic Ninja swords, Madhuban incense cones, box kites, matching ivory vases, two-fold cotton shirts, plum blossom cheongsams and Hello Kitty backpacks, maybe there'd be one, simple Rockets No.
Highlights for 2006 include long-tailed dragon kites, kite buggying and power kiting, stunt kites, box kites and the traditional mass kite fly event, with the chance to see some of the world's best kite makers flying their colourful creations.
During the afternoon, older children can try their hands at traditional box kites with plastic materials.