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a simple camera shaped like a rectangular box

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He went up the chimney himself, taking an old box camera with him, and took some aerial photographs of old Coventry.
The iCST line of streaming cameras and encoders include IP66 outdoor and indoor dome cameras, a traditional box camera for specialty lenses and housings, as well as a single channel encoder for use with any analog or specialized cameras including thermal and PTZs.
Through media and interactive elements, visitors will hear Lincoln being sworn in as President, view Civil War battles and Lincoln portraits through a replicated 1860s box camera, play a genuine 1862 board game called "The Secession Game," vote in the 1864 election, experience a replicated jail cell for citizens arrested for dissent or disloyalty and decide their fates, and more
super high resolution true day/night ndoor box camera, 19 inch led security system monitor
Compact Box Camera Features Two-Way Audio, microSD Card Slot and Interchangeable Lens
Curtis began his photography career at his older brother Edward's photography studio, and then joined the Klondike gold rush with a box camera, preserving images of the trail, miners, gold creeks, and Dawson city.
I had the family box camera and we were standing behind some railings near the royal dais.
Dahua DH-IPC-HF5281, an ultra-low light network box camera with a 2-Megapixel CMOS sensor, is able to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 60fps.
It was in the 1950s and his first camera was an old box camera that belonged to his mother.
Thousands of feet up one of Scotland's most fearsome mountains, two brothers – dressed in natty tweeds, deerstalker hats and hobnail boots – unpack their huge box camera.
Also on offer was the IR IP HD Box Camera, also boasting ONVIF, two megapixel versions, and a motorised zoom lens.
Marvelous Magnets, Candle Science, Little Giants, Planet in a Bottle, The Polyfloss Factory, Wind Turbines, NASA's Best Mars Rovers, Tin Box Camera, MadLab and Arabian Aromas.
Right, Nathan Wallace gives up his camera phone for a 1940s box camera helped by Ian Smith ?
RUTH Robson's interest in photography began when she was given a Brownie box camera in the late 40s.