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Synonyms for bow-wow

the bark of a dog

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informal terms for dogs

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Thorne added, “We are offering a Canine Calm sample and coupon in the next 50 Nu BowWow Puppy Starter Kits.
com or call 267-926-9969 for more information on Nu BowWow products and services.
El aparatito, que cuesta unos US$105, probablemente tenga que calibrarse para Los diferentes caninos de las Americas: en Estados Unidos los perros dicen bowwow, en la Latinoamerica hispano parlante dicen guau guau, y los de Brasil dicen au.
Fast and furious slapstick action and cutting edge special effects will bowwow (sorry) you in this mission im-paws-able (groan).
Hayley Bradbury entered with 11-month-old King Charles Cocker Spaniel Holly and can now take a bowwow.
Others have another motive for naming their stores things like DOG EARED BOOKS, BOOK WORMS AND SILVER FISH, BOOK BUZZARD, THE EDUCATED FLEA, BOWWOW BOOKS.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- BowWow House, a software company providing unique development tools for children in their first years of life, today announced babyWOW
There is increasing evidence that children are playing differently than in the past, and people are beginning to recognize that the computer offers types of interactions, and even safety, that physical products cannot," said Tony Fernandes, founder & CEO of BowWow House.
In early January, MAC and Host Marriott Services will begin work on phase four of Northstar Crossing, to include shops such as the Museum Company, Bowwow Meow -- a retail store offering gifts for dogs and cats, Spirit of the Red Horse -- offering jewelry and southwestern gifts, and a re-modeled Tie Rack and Minnesota Store.
Varieties such as Golden Retriever are apparently easier to translate than less voluble bowwows, though the amount of dog talk can depend on the dog's personality.