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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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Let G' be obtained from G by deleting the terminal bowtie of [R.
We propose to use BowTie and BWA approaches to solve this problem.
Plastic threaded spacers were adopted to support the periodic bowtie structure printed on an FR-4 substrate at a constant distance above the ground plane.
Figures 8(a) and (b) show the gain patterns of the bowtie antenna with and without ground plane, respectively.
It consists of a rectangular gold film with a bowtie aperture (etched along the longer side of the gold film).
The transaction, which was completed on 1 February, comprises books, websites and magazines of BowTie such the magazines Horse Illustrated, Urban Farm, and Pet Product News International, websites including AnimalNetwork.
Title of Work Sterling Silver Gun Bowtie, PS240, from www.
The use of the bowtie geometry has two significant benefits over previous work on plasmon lasers: (1) the bowtie structure provides a well-defined, electromagnetic hot spot in a nano-sized volume because of an antenna effect, and (2) the individual structure has only minimal metal "losses" because of its discrete geometry.
Continue reading "Schnapps, Herring, and Bowtie Cookies: How This Trio Became a Classic Combo for Synagogue Kiddush" at.
Wearing a formal shirt and undone bowtie, the 34-year-old busted out his Gangnam moves at the news conference.
A Velsvoir bowtie is exciting, and sometimes eccentric.
He stands before the class in a bowtie and glasses (which, oddly, he doesn't seem to need for the rest of the film).
I am not now, and never have been, a bowtie wearing person, outside formal evening occasions.
Topman jacket, pounds 150, shirt, pounds 38, and bowtie, pounds 8 Burton grey jacket, pounds 79, shirt, pounds 18, and black trousers, pounds 40 BHS suit, pounds 150, shirt, pounds 28, tie pounds 10 Topman tuxs, pounds 150, shirt, pounds 38, bowtie, pounds 8 (left); Burton navy jacket, pounds 79, shirt, pounds 18, tie, pounds 5, white pocket square, pounds 5 (right) Burton navy double breasted jacket, pounds 128, navy trousers, pounds 40, shirt, pounds 18, tie, pounds 5, and white pocket square, pounds 5
The sheep, basically large white circles, are amusing differentiated by small details of bowtie, hair bows, glasses and so on.