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the string of an archer's bow

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Then Robin took his good yew bow in his hand, and placing the tip at his instep, he strung it right deftly; then he nocked a broad clothyard arrow and, raising the bow, drew the gray goose feather to his ear; the next moment the bowstring rang and the arrow sped down the glade as a sparrowhawk skims in a northern wind.
She derived, however, great consolation, (during the tightening of the bowstring,) from the reflection that much of the history remained still untold, and that the petulance of her brute of a husband had reaped for him a most righteous reward, in depriving him of many inconceivable adventures.
Slowly the point of the arrow drooped; the scar upon the brown forehead faded; the bowstring relaxed; and Tarzan of the Apes, with bowed head, turned sadly into the jungle toward the village of the Waziri.
Thereupon, the little dressmaker again dabbed out his eyes separately, and making a loop in the air of her thread and deftly catching it into a knot with her needle, seemed to bowstring him into the bargain.
Grip, Flex Cable Slide, Backstop 3 string stopper, limb-mounted dampening bands and America's Best Bowstrings.
Taken just days before heavy snow hit West Bromwich, the camera has captured a twilight scene with all six bowstrings in full view along the Ringway.
In a nutshell: Emotions get manipulated tighter than bowstrings as a young violin prodigy touches the hearts of every tough city stereotype he encounters.
Somewhat surreally, the randomly truncated ends of the bowstrings protrude beyond the grey stucco walls, poised in space like petrified archaeological remains.
The latter seemed safe and emotionally predigested beside William Forsythe's edgy provocation, Artifact II, where the bodies--unlike Duato's corporeal taffy-pulling--seemed as taut as bowstrings.
To satisfy customers, you will need to stock arrow rests, stabilizers, bowstrings silencers, bow quivers, and bow sights.
Also, consumers will have a 14-inch powerstroke at their disposal, as well as Zebra Hybrid bowstrings and a Black Tactical finish.
Soon a string-making machine that Gail devised solved the common stretching and unraveling problems that 'plagued bowstrings of that era.
Distinguished US violinist Anne Akiko Meyers also gave a lightning-fast, technically accomplished rendition - broken bowstrings notwithstanding - of Samuel Baber's Violin Concerto.
Rather than pulling bowstrings, Pace was pulling legs.
Until three years ago, all modern bowstrings were made of multiple Dacron [TM] strands.