bowling pin

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a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling

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Now for the first time, WineOvation changes the game and has introduced a super stylish Bowling Pin Electric Corkscrew.
Once you determine your character, place it on your turntable and give your bowling pin two coats of paint in the skin color of your choice.
In the next breath someone has knocked down one or another of the commandments like a bowling pin.
Later in the show a woman dressed as a bowling pin jumps up and down uncontrollably because she knows that the chic Broyhill all-wood modern bedroom suite ($1,222) with Serta mattress and foundation ($455), and St.
But Chad Pregracke has been having his own brand of adventure on the Mississippi River, clearing its banks of tons of junk--rusting drums, old radials, even a bowling pin or two.
Such pistols are often referred to as "Pin Guns" as they were originally designed for use in the Second Chance Bowling Pin Match.
DuraSeal Bowling Pin Wobble Target features a reactive, wobble-and-bobble design.
1 Creature like a cricket (11) 7 Dull and ordinary (10) 16 Therapeutic (8) 17 Type of lock (7) 18 Lord of the Rings wizard (7) 19 Calm self-possession (6) 20 Laws (8) 21 Pop star, - - - Lennox (5) 22 Loss of memory (7) 23 Leon - - -, The X Factor winner (7) 24 Beverage (3) 25 Surpassed (8) 29 Bowling pin (7) 32 Apprehend (7) 33 Spanish holiday island (5) 34 Dwelt (7) 36 Cubic - - -, synthetic gemstone (8) 37 Star-gazer?
In this big picture, find the slice of pie, window, needle, bowling pin, crown, bowl, flag, doughnut, drinking straw, trowel, mitten, clothespin, shoe, crescent moon, mallet, fishhook, ring, spoon, tack, baseball bat, sock, fish, carrot, heart, and nail.
45 Auto revolver" languished, and S&W discontinued the Model 25 at just about the time bowling pin shooting with revolver side-matches had created a new market for the gun.
The range offers 20 shooting lanes, all with the latest ventilation and the capability to shoot high-power rifles, along with providing fully automatic gun rentals, training courses on Hunter's Safety and Advanced CPL/CCW, and bonus events like Bowling Pin and IPSIC shoots.
Working in front of mirrors recently in O'Reilly's class were students creating such characters as a mermaid hit by a speedboat, a victim of a plastic surgery gone wrong and a clown who was injured while juggling knives and a bowling pin.
Newbold targets come in a variety of configurations ranging from duck, prairie dog and squirrel silhouettes to bowling pin, bottle and circular shapes.
The Jordan CP comes detailed with Chris Paul's signature stitch; a bowling pin configuration on the ankle that spotlights his other favorite sport - bowling.
Turning to drink, a bottle of beer is like a bowling pin in more than just shape: The more of them you knock down, the higher you get.