bowling ball

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a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling

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I then hit his head, hands and legs using a bowling ball before kicking him in the head.
He took a job at a pro shop, where he drilled bowling balls, learned about the products, and spoke regularly with bowling ball manufacturers about new balls being released commercially.
That way I'll have the same kind of shot at him I had on the bowling ball.
Jones told friends that Roughan used the head like a puppet and a bowling ball.
Meredith said Jones told friends that Roughan used the head like a puppet and bowling ball.
To watch Spacek whisper her lines, hunch over, and clumsily heave a bowling ball is to crawl inside yourself with mortification.
Notre Dame's Shane Horton called Knox ``a little bowling ball.
Upon hearing the news, Jose Canseco bet Pete Rose $100 that his 5-year-old could deadlift a bowling ball if he could take some "special vitamins" first.
The last post was played as Lez was buried, surrounded in flowers arranged in the shape of a bowling ball a heart and a guitar.
Over 300 high-school students, teachers and curiosity-seekers braved a cold rain and heavy fog to watch the trebuchet fling an 80-pound cement-filled basketball, a bowling ball and a pumpkin.
An adult human head weighs about the same as a light bowling ball.
In my case, John talked Lois out of the golf cart I was expecting for Christmas and into a bowling ball.
These were what turned a nation of joiners into a nation of active and powerful citizens--and they didn't sprout organically from close friendships forged over a bowling ball or a bake-sale brownie.
Q: What's the difference between a bowling ball and a rollerblader?
They are well stocked at running back, with Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Amos Zereoue backing up the human bowling ball that is Jerome Bettis.