bowline knot

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a loop knot that neither slips nor jams


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The book claims 'there are few things more satisfying as tying a decent bowline knot when someone needs a loop', so the section on The Five Knots Every Boy Should Know seemed a good starting point.
A bowline knot tied with 1,000-pound test rope will hold up to 700 pounds.
The bowline knot was so-named, according to the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots" because, on a square-sailed ship, it was the knot used to secured the line from the bow to the weather leech of forward sail, thus holding the sail closer to the wind).
Its nautical history notwithstanding, the bowline knot today is pronounced "bow-lyn," not " bow line.
HARDWORK: A 1930s made by Reef and bowline knots were probably the most important methods of tying ropes while the others were useful in certain applications.
We use square-lashings, clove hitch knots and bowline knots on the handrails,'' said Anders Yarbrough of Westlake Village, describing knots used to build a rope ``Monkey Bridge.