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the quantity contained in a bowl


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So instead of pandering to their pleas for sweets and chocolate bars, why not place a bowlful of bite-sized, juicy fruit chunks in the fridge for when they come in?
WOEFUL But, from left, Soriot, Wilson and Horta-Osorio still get a big bowlful
Deli Inspired is an indulgent range with taste bursting in every bowlful.
Surprisingly, with every beautiful bowlful emptied we saved a little space for desert.
Only those who finished their assigned tasks would receive the ration of a 200-gram bowlful of corn gruel, and inmates died daily, he added.
A generous bowlful, the mussels were plump and juicy with a delicious sauce including spinach, chorizo and white wine - with plenty of bread for dipping.
Bangers and mash ($9) was a hearty bowlful of mashed potatoes with Irish sausage and onions, covered in Guinness gravy.
The funny thing is, our two-year-old daughter loves traditional Weetabix, so much so she will screech "nooo Daddy" if she catches me having a bowlful myself.
On Saturday evening, Birchbark Books & Gifts will host "A Bowlful of Thanks," a fundraiser for the Grand Marais Art Colony in support of the Empty Bowls project and featuring remarks by local artist Betsy Bowen.
In fact, this bowlful of TV is looking rather tasty.
There is no boredom like that boredom, sitting in the stern of a big expensive boat as it churns through the coastal waters, watching your host, the wheel in one hairy hand and a bowlful of Scotch in the other, woofing at you about how much he loves this, meanwhile the sun is beating down, turning your brain to tomato aspic.
He also brought along a bowlful for the children to play with and learn about how it acts as both a solid and a liquid.
In between digging in wet sand and having a go on the swings, youngsters - and adults, about 80 residents in total - enjoyed handmade ice cream by the bowlful.
2 Head out to your driveway or a nearby river and gather together a small bowlful of gravel.