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Synonyms for bowler

a cricketer who delivers the ball to the batsman in cricket

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a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins

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a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim

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Bowler hats were practical and stylish to wear on the river bank <B
In the "City suit" tradition, both serving and former soldiers of the Cavalry and Yeomanry regiments wore black bowler hats and dark suits rather than their ceremonial uniforms and carried closed umbrellas.
I READ of Coventry Watch Museum appealing for donations of waistcoats, bowler hats and aprons (Telegraph, April 26).
In 1911, men could be ranked in descending order by top hats, bowler hats, trilbies or cloth caps.
Children hid behind giant bowler hats, apples and clouds in the Living Wallpaper event, part of the gallery's "month of Magritte" family activities.
He seems to have fallen for David Cameron's image of public sector workers as fat cats in bowler hats earning huge salaries and pensions.
Oxfam Cymru organised a collection of "bankers" - complete with bowler hats and briefcases - to entertain shoppers with a routine to Abba's tune Money, Money, Money.
It's all a bit naughtier, with lace, crystals, feathers, bowler hats and a lot of boobie things.
We are unable to pinpoint the exact date of the event, but the men, wearing bowler hats and some carrying walking sticks, were dressed in their Sunday best for the occasion.
The girls paid homage to gay icon Liza Minnelli with Cabaretstyle bowler hats and suspenders.
Princes William and Harry swapped their military uniforms for bowler hats and City suits yesterday as they marched together in an Army parade.
In Magically Delicious, for example, Matt DeNoto and Jonica Patella have donned bowler hats and green jackets as the happy leprechauns and Ana Rey wears a pair of ears in the shape of flames as the "vice president" of the Abyss.
THE SCIENCE OF JAMES BOND: From Bullets tO Bowler Hats to Boat Jumps, the Real Technology behind 007's Fabulous Films
One of the adverts, Town, depicts a typical street scene invaded by images of three Minis from the Italian Job, an American cab from Taxi Driver and three men in bowler hats from A Clockwork Orange.
Grimonprez justifies his somewhat counterintuitive combination of artists by pointing to the influence of de Chirico on both Magritte and Hitchcock, to the latter's interest in Surrealism in general, and to the supposed similarity between the archetypal Hitchcock image and Magritte's men in bowler hats.