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Synonyms for bowlegged

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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My first impression was it stank of sweat and the trainer was an old and rough, bowlegged man, Richard, who cursed and smoked cigars.
Henderson, by comparison, was a short-sighted, bowlegged wee man from Caldercruix and unlikely ever to claim matinee idols looks.
David Chiles stood bowlegged under his oil-stained hat as his three sons worked the drill mounted on their '65 flatbed truck.
His innovation--a tapered tail--allowed users to snowshoe with a natural stride, rather than an artificially bowlegged one.
Yet with a biting ache to be men, as battered and bowlegged and brawly as the regular rodeo pokes.
Uncle Ernest, not much taller than Grandma, is a confirmed bachelor with the weathered complexion and bowlegged gait of a real cowboy.
She is short, wiry, and bowlegged, and she has never danced in a ballet company.
Whether it's the Indian chief checking his trail map, the horse questioning its rider's spare tire, or a pair of bowlegged long johns, we believe you'll get a kick out of those yesterdays when artists had fun filling their easels' empty spaces with horses and riders and whatever else came to mind.
She says whenever she needed to talk to someone about the stresses of running an abortion clinic, or wanted advice on a specific business problem, Fitzsimmons listened, while other pro-choice groups often treated providers like bowlegged step-children" of the movement.
There is a distinct possibility that some of the bowlegged lute players (e.
When Rutherford and Cringle approach Falcon's cabin, they hear moaning and then see Tommy exit, "standing bowlegged as if his bum was cemented shut by dried semen, as it probably was" (26-27).
There is a practical reason why the smiths of the English poem are more likely to be bowlegged than snub-nosed.
Remembering, reliving, and researching her own life for over three thousand years as she repeatedly tells us, the narrator offers many fascinating, even entertaining revisions concerning the battle of Troy and its participants: Cassandra informs the reader that Penelope slept with every one of her quarreling suitors while waiting for the bowlegged, dwarflike Odysseus, and that among Achilles' sexual peculiarities cross-dressing stands out in her memory
Chung glides through her exhibit as if walking into a Leone set of Mexican cantinas and bowlegged pistoleros.
Bowlegged alignment is associated with a fourfold greater incidence of radiographic disease progression in the medial compartment of the knee over 30 months.