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a knot with two loops and loose ends


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A second border of swags filled with echoed lines, and bowknots with tassels supplies a final flourish.
A second border of swags with bowknots and intertwined tassels enfolds floral designs on three sides.
13) In the numerous instances sampled by Freeman, most of the loveknots, or bowknots, consist of a cord arranged in three loops, with two placed symmetrically on the left and right of the central knot, and one generally longer loop arising from the center, below which dangle the two tassled ends of the cord.
The term diversi nodi implies Angelica's impatience with the fixed iconography of the loveknot and a quest for new varieties, perhaps not unlike the illuminator of the late 15th century manuscript Livres des Echecs Amoureux who designs a mega-knot for the initials A and M where each loop doubles over itself, the letters are twice encircled, and the vertical loop blossoms forth into its own, second-tier bowknot.