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a person who edits a text by removing obscene or offensive words or passages

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1) E incluso se han acunado en la lengua inglesa los sustantivos derivados bowdlerization y bowdlerizer para significar 'censura' y 'censor', respectivamente.
Waverly Root) who "swiped Roth's lists of subscribers, tried to use it as a means of founding a theatre for the presentation of obscene plays, and was compelled to flee from the United States postal inspectors to Paris where he denounced Roth both as a pirate and bowdlerizer of Joyce's work.
We might, moreover, hold this Sophia in our minds as we contemplate the figure of Sophia Hawthorne that has emerged from the history of Hawthorne scholarship, finding a place for the writer of these letters among other images: the censorious Victorian bowdlerizer conjured by the editors of the Centenary Edition; the embattled veteran of the middleclass marriage wars imagined in T.
During the past two decades, scholars have dispelled the notion that Sophia Peabody Hawthorne was merely a copyist, rightly forgotten as a minimally talented lady-painter, or unhappily remembered as the prudish bowdlerizer of her husband's notebooks.
In their analysis, the Nazis were "barbarians" precisely for their attitude to books, as bowdlerizers of the classics at best, and book-burners at most paradigmatic.