bow tie

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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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Challenging tradition, Craig had a "best woman" beside him at the altar, who wore a dark red velvet suit and matching bow tie.
The professionally-tied bow tie shows he knows that successful menswear is in the details.
The 'Channing Blue' polka-dot bow tie is a unique, eye-catching piece that will elevate any formal look.
His firm, Bow Tie Strategies, is member of the Capital Area Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, and the Leesburg Downtown Business Association.
8% (6,403 students) voted to keep subfusc - the dark suits, shirts, bow ties and ribbons worn under a gown - compulsory.
Driven by an explosion-proof inverter-duty motor, the bow tie agitator quickly wets out solids and incorporates them into a liquid vehicle, creating a very uniform consistency without running at high speeds.
The actor said that he's only worn this special bow tie three times in total: During his first job as a waiter, on his wedding day to Egyptian actress Mona Zaki, and tonight for the AGT finale
Ross Bow Tie Dispersers, also called High Viscosity Dispersers, are designed for mixing heavy pastes and viscous liquids.
Bow ties: I will make this short and to the point: Always, always, always tie your own bow tie.
Velvet blazer, PS80; shirt, PS18; trousers, PS30; bow tie, PS6; handkerchief in jacket pocket, PS5; socks, PS10 for pack of 5; loafers, PS28
The retail leader commented that their respective companies had a great relationship, but it was shaped too much like a bow tie.
Where Fault Tree and other methods can get very detailed and specific, in some cases down to the level of the individual valve, Bow Tie allows for a quick overview, and can facilitate communication about risk with both senior management and the plant floor.
Entering this exhibition, viewers encountered a sparse installation of three large untitled canvases, all variations on the bow tie theme.
Nagel also owns and runs her own bow tie business called Charles Street Bow Tie Company.
New York, August 7 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber's brawl outside South Pointe nightclub in Hamptons on Sunday, started over an attractive waitress and a bow tie, it has been revealed.