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long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

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Police arrested Bouton on Monday evening at his residence in the 700 block of Hatton Avenue in Eugene.
The team found, for example, that the synaptic bouton has an abundance of proteins that help send vesicles packed with neurotransmitters to the surface of the cell, but proteins that help retrieve the used vesicles are scarce.
In a spirit of international friendship, Monsieur Le Bouton contacted l'office du tourisme in the Normandy city to see whether we were still 'amies'.
To connect these moments, Bouton identifies significant points in the story, such as the seizure of a grain shipment or the killing of a local elite.
Bouton will remain on the faculty of the Forage Improvement Division and continue his research programs at the Noble Foundation.
Jim Bouton never discussed apartment hunting in Ball Four, just the views from rooftops.
Youngsters June and Robert Brown, from Whalley Range, Manchester, are suitably dressed on their family's 1900 Cudell de Dion Bouton, with their mum at the wheel, on Princes Landing Stage, Liverpool, about to board an IoMSPCo car ferry, either Manx Maid or BenMy-Chree, for an Edwardian and Veteran Car Rally at Douglas, on July 4, 1968.
There will also be a treasure hunt to find specially minted Matthew Bouton coins with a prize of pounds 1,000 for the winner.
The bank's previous chairman, Daniel Bouton, announced his resignation last week after continued criticism over his performance.
PARIS: Daniel Bouton, president of French bank Societe Generale, told the daily Le Figaro on Wednesday he was resigning to "protect" the company.
In the early 1960s, Bouton became an improbable all-star pitcher for the Yankees.
Americans remain committed to international engagement and a robust military presence overseas," said Chicago Council on Global Affairs President Marshall Bouton in a release.
Executive chairman Daniel Bouton said the 144-year-old bank was determined to ride out the storm as an independent bank, despite reports of a potential bid from long-time suitor and arch-rival BNP Paribas.
To my way of thinking, what really needs to be done is punish the right people for the right thing, including SocGen's Daniel Bouton.
DANIEL Bouton, head of Societe General, will continue to lead the French bank, despite having twice offered his resignation following the pounds 3.