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Synonyms for boutique

a retail establishment where merchandise is sold

Synonyms for boutique

a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry


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Nora Hovanesian-Mann, US Director of Operations for the company, says "This was the perfect time to renovate the boutique after 17 years since its opening.
When we launched My Little Jules boutique in 2010, we had no idea what to expect and where this new venture would take us.
By offering fashions from juniors to women's sizes, Southern Chic Boutique reaches a large crowd of shoppers.
Despite the relatively new product's outstanding performance, defining and classifying what constitutes a boutique hotel remains a challenge.
Sophie's aim was to create a fashion-forward boutique, with a friendly and welcoming environment.
A boutique hotel, according to the head of Lebanon's Hotel Syndicate Pierre Achkar, is often quite small and usually consists of between 40 to 60 rooms.
The Boutique and Lifestyle Lodging Association, a US-based association for uniting boutique and lifestyle properties and their suppliers worldwide, has announced a campaign to define universal standards and criteria for boutique and lifestyle lodgings.
The big hotel chains have launched the new boutique hotel brands in an effort to appeal to a market that is as interested in earning frequent traveler points as it is in experiencing edgy, urban design and a hip bar in the lobby.
The boutique was inspired by Valley studios the girls visited with their music-producer father.
Even more remarkable is that the number of luxury hotels--both boutique and traditional--grew as demand plummeted, even after years of heavy investment that started when large international hotel companies realized, in the early 1990s, that Sao Paulo was a rich and underdeveloped market.
The single greatest advantage of the boutique arrangement is that customers know that their doctors, brokers, lawyers and dentists will be available at any time of the day or night.
As Fish notes, the resistance of the boutique multiculturalist to the fatwa is guided by a principle of rationality and the belief system of liberal Enlightenment that coalesces around it: 1) that all people, as rational beings, are really the same under the skin; 2) that evident differences among people, such as religion, ethnicity, race, sex, and class, are superficial, "matters of lifestyle"; and 3) that common humanity requires open-mindedness to dissent.
195 for the first boutique if similar costs for additional boutiques would not be currently deductible.
The African heritage boutique imports clothes, jewelry and housewares from Africa and the Middle East, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Liberia.
NEW YORK -- A new survey of boutique public relations agency clients around the world finds that the specialized, focused services of senior practitioners is a common thread driving the hiring of such firms, regardless of today's economic climate.