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Synonyms for boutique

a retail establishment where merchandise is sold

Synonyms for boutique

a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry


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In October, they relocated to New York City's developing Lower East Side and opened their own boutique, which they named Valley.
In contrast to the circumstantial nature of "Palmares"--Faigenbaum learned in December 2003 that the boutique was closing and started photographing two weeks later on a daily basis--the Louvre project ("Untitled," 2003-2004) involved eight months of intimate weekly rendezvous with the Slaves on days when the museum was closed to the public.
Newsstands, gift shops, a bridal boutique, pubs and restaurants are creating new urban life and a magnet for visitors, conventioneers, employees .
Even more remarkable is that the number of luxury hotels--both boutique and traditional--grew as demand plummeted, even after years of heavy investment that started when large international hotel companies realized, in the early 1990s, that Sao Paulo was a rich and underdeveloped market.
The four Sony Style "new concept" boutiques are located in upscale shopping malls in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills, Calif.
The single greatest advantage of the boutique arrangement is that customers know that their doctors, brokers, lawyers and dentists will be available at any time of the day or night.
As Fish notes, the resistance of the boutique multiculturalist to the fatwa is guided by a principle of rationality and the belief system of liberal Enlightenment that coalesces around it: 1) that all people, as rational beings, are really the same under the skin; 2) that evident differences among people, such as religion, ethnicity, race, sex, and class, are superficial, "matters of lifestyle"; and 3) that common humanity requires open-mindedness to dissent.
The boutique is a point of contact for African entrepreneurs and a place for Americans to buy authentic African clothes that are appropriate for Western culture as well," explains Moses Perry.
He said boutique agency principals intentionally structure their firms to enable senior practitioners to have regular involvement with clients, bringing more experienced teams to client engagements.
By offering fashions from juniors to women's sizes, Southern Chic Boutique reaches a large crowd of shoppers.
Summary: DUBAI - Luxury Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer has announced the opening of its first boutique in Abu Dhabi and the eighth in the Middle East at the Abu Dhabi Mall recently.
Montblanc opens its largest middle east boutique in Kuwait
has completed construction of North America's first Nespresso Boutique Bar, on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
HURRY TO HELP: Becca's Chic Boutique in Tarzana opened five years ago to raise money for the A-T Medical Research Foundation.
LOS ANGELES -- The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) and Hospitality Design Magazine are excited to announce that due the overwhelming response to the First annual Boutique & Lifestyle Hospitality Awards, the deadline for entries has been extended until Saturday, Midnight PT, August 21, 2010 for entries submitted online.