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Lenine disait que le socialisme devait connaitre le maintien du droit de la societe bourgeoise.
They came from a distinguished private collection including, left, the PS1m pound hardstone figure of a bourgeoise
Established in 1921 by bourgeoise cook Eugenie Brazier, La Mere Brazier quickly gained popularity and soon put Lyon on the map for its gastronomy.
Monet's letters also bear out his anxiety about his lower social status, and in placing his closest friend in multiple painted fictions with his mistress, whom he had dressed as the epitome of a Parisian bourgeoise fashion plate; he envisioned something he cannot quite manage to obtain on his own.
He perhaps missed the chance of double gold medals for the collection when Au bord de la Mer (1883), possibly a second portrait by Renoir of the young bourgeoise with a taste for fans and bonnets, was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum, New York.
The rooms are a bit barren (luxury and comfort are opiates of the bourgeoise [sic]) but with all the excitement on campus, you hardly notice.
Jacques-Marie Truelle est ne le 20 septembre 1881 dans une bonne famille bourgeoise parisienne (6).
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise (15) Bunuel's 1972 Oscar winning surrealist critique of the French middle class.
In fact, the Portuguese colonial administrators found it necessary to do more than exploit the land to produce rice, fruit, sugar, tobacco, fish, beef, and coffee in order to maintain the Portuguese bourgeoise and its supporters in England and the U.
Archeologie de la publicite comme dimension constitutive de la societe bourgeoise.
The university traditionally has been for the elite and bourgeoise," said Anderson.
Les reformes de l'enseignement secondaire francais et prussien, 1865-1920, >> Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, 149, 4 (septembre 2003), 6-20; Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron, Les heritiers (Paris : Editions de Minuit, 1964); Antoine Prost, Histoire de l'enseignement en France, 1800-1967 (Paris: Armand Colin, 1968); Alain Plessis, << Une France bourgeoise >> in Histoire de la France, Les formes de la culture (Paris : Seuil, 1993), 272-278.
Moreover, each of the women is carried in the arms of an Indigenous male character, but whereas Maria lies in the hands of Lorenzo for whom she was the subject of a contested gaze, the character carrying Dolores remains unnamed and, thus, unimportant--a laborer whose strength is exploited to carry the body of the imperial bourgeoise.
En fait, les grands hotels par-viennent progressivement a jouer sur tous ces tableaux a la fois, tout en mettant clairement de I'avant, meme dans les activites les plus mixtes, I'orientation vers la clientele bourgeoise.
Les republicains liberaux, au pouvoir sous la Monarchie de Juillet et forts de l'appui d'une base sociale bourgeoise importante, ont egalement contribue a marginaliser radicaux et socialistes en reprimant violemment toutes les greves entreprises par les travailleurs.