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a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone

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Earlier, Sophie Bourdon also delivered a lecture in Peshawar and answered the questions by Pakistani professionals how to participate in the festival.
Ms Bourdon said films are selected for screening at the event and that the festival also provides filmmakers with financial support.
Our mid-term objective is to establish an efficient and sustainable way of re-using these resources and provide pure, high-grade PA66 recycle compounds with stable properties near those of virgin Technyl resins for a wide range of eco-designed applications," Bourdon concludes.
Bourdon and Sarenski advise that for clients displaying competency issues or for those who "just can't say no to relatives" to put their assets in a revocable living trust and assign a co-trustee.
Our international center leader, Jillian Bourdon, created a rich fabric of experiences all week long.
Il a ajoute que les avocats francais William Bourdon et Jean-Pierre Menard ont assure que les deux assassinats presentent les caracteristiques de crimes d'Etat, et que les dossiers peuvent en consequence etre confies a une juridiction internationale.
Suppose that you were to wonder at last if I don't still have a notion, somewhere in the back of my mind, to comment on the already too-commented-on first line of Bouvard, namely, "As the temperature that day had risen to 33 degrees,* Boulevard Bourdon was completely deserted," I would respond that in a private sale I recently acquired a previously undiscovered portion of the original manuscript of Bouvard and Pecuchet (I wanted to scan it in and e-mail it to you as a surprise, but the file that was on my computer inadvertently disappeared this morning thanks to a mug of cocoa getting knocked over onto my keyboard), which happens to contain no less than sixteen different versions of this incipit, which is certainly significant, and I wanted to give them all to you here:
It is also possible, with the correct instrumental setup, to emphasize only the upper octave of a pair and avoid the bass string, alleviating the problems with having a bourdon while still keeping it available when needed.
Further, companies with good risk management practices have a greater awareness of the complexity of risk, generally speaking, and a greater understanding of the interrelationships between risks, according to Theresa Bourdon, a group managing director at Aon Global Risk Consulting, citing data from Aon's Risk Maturity Index, a tool that customers can use to assess their risk management efforts.
Perry Ghilarducci in the jam 14 Scramento Bee, and Michael Eisenberg and Jean-Luc Bourdon in the Feb.
When we've talked with clients, everyone is doing some kind of risk management, and they want to know, 'How am I doing compared to the competition or in terms of S&P coming in [to assess risk management efforts]," says Theresa Bourdon, group managing director at Aon Global Risk Consulting, who led the project.
Described as their most personal to date, Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell and Joe Hahn stomp over familiar territory, particularly on opener Lost In The Echo, In My Remains (which has elements of Numb) and Burn It Down.
The gauges use Bourdon tube sensing elements and do not require any external power sources to operate.
The huge array of 13 bells weighing 17 tonnes surround the massive bourdon bell, 'Great George'' which is bigger than Big Ben and second only to 'Great Paul'' of St Paul''s Cathedral in London.
Karlheinz Bourdon, Vice President of Technologies in the Injection Moulding Machinery Segment of KraussMaffei.