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in a bountiful manner

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Nigeria can reap bountifully if tourism potentials that abound in various parts of the country are properly harnessed as done by major economies of the world.
California and Florida avocados have different assets and applications; neither is better than the other at helping with weight loss, but both are bountifully nutritious.
The governor urges the unemployed, job seekers and even teenagers to grab the opportunity to find decent jobs, and to give everyone a chance to live bountifully.
According to the Bible, 'he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
Yet despite the apparent ease of the men's task, Munday's lines describe them as "seriously at labour, drawing up their Nets, laden with living fish, and bestowing them bountifully among the people" ([B1.
Thus, the motivation for this paper is to locate its thesis within the ambiance of aesthetic form and content of the Ier ritual performance which is a manifestation of the Tiv worldview within the realm of morality in relation to Akombo, a magico--religious observance that is bountifully celebrateted through a procession ritual carnival.
I mean these guys reap bountifully from the sweat and labour of these hardworking Nigerians in the entertainment world (Kelani, as cited in, Zooming in .
Rod Stewart has listed his bountifully appointed estate just outside the historic English market town of Epping--in the county of Essex, about an hour's drive northeast of Buckingham Palace --for sale with an asking price of almost $10 million.
Of Americas increased engagement with foreign nations Mahan wrote that "what the nation has gained in expression is a regenerating idea, an uplifting of the heart, a seed of future beneficent activity, a going out of self into the world to communicate the gift it has so bountifully received.
Actually, I started it out by talking about "opening the door to an entirely new world of agriculture," one that allowed crops to be bountifully grown without pesticides.
Today, the women's-wear department at NK bountifully showcases female designers such as Carin Rodebjer, Anne Bing, Filippa K, Dagmar, Ida Sjostedt, and lingerie by Katarina Nyman.
Informatively written and appealing to readers of all ages, "Heaven Meets Earth" is bountifully illustrated with memorable icons and more.
Motivated by a blind desire to avoid the inevitable European conflict, he supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War, was pro-German and anti-Semitic (despite his lifelong friendship with the bountifully generous Sassoon), sympathized with the British Nazi Oswald Mosley, and defended Hitler as 'marvellously honest and humane'" (61).
The point is this: the one who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the one who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
In its drunken euro stupor, Greece then went on to spend EU funds bountifully for the next 10 years, approaching the brink of bankruptcy in the process.