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Synonyms for bounder

someone who is morally reprehensible

someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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The Company has one of the best and longest standing distribution networks in the industry and boasts some of the industry's most recognized and iconic brand names such as American Coach and Bounder.
Its Huck Magna-Lok(R) and Huck Magna-Tite(R) Blind aluminum rivets are used extensively on the Bounder to attach the exterior molding and ladders to the motor home.
I use K&N filters in all the vehicles (we also have a 2004 Tacoma and a 1996 Bounder motor home) and synthetic oils in the engines, and where possible the drive trains.
I am the bounder and executive director of two health-related nonprofits in Michigan: Without a Vision The People Perish and the Michigan Minority Health Coalition.
THE chameleonic Heath Ledger plays a very different romantic hero, far removed from his tortured loner in Brokeback Mountain, in this playful, lusty romp inspired by the legend of the Renaissance-era bounder.
Big Bounder who comes running and leaps headlong upon tables and through
The headmaster of Eton, Tony Little, has called Ms Forsyth a scoundrel and a bounder for taping Harry's admissions.
He is what upper crust pals would call a cad and a bounder -- he is married with four children, he gets his bit on the side pregnant and then misleads his party leader.
Geoffrey Rush is magnificent as the title character, a former English criminal turned high-end Central American clothier and devoted family man, who is squeezed by a Bondish bounder played with image-shattering relish by none other than Pierce Brosnan himself.
Twerp: Bounder, cad (Oxford Dict); cad: "person guilty or capable of ungentlemanly conduct.
IN MERSEY Bochem Gent | ,a chemical taker carrying phosphoric acid; Phoenix 11, a container vessel coming from and returning to Ireland; Atlantic Concert, a rollon, roll-off vessel coming from Belgium then on to the US; Bounder, a cargo vessel carrying scrap metal from Ireland; Anne Sibum, a container vessel sailing to the Netherlands; Flintercape, a container vessel coming from Spain; Thea II, a cargo vessel; Amurborg, a cargo vessel carying newsprint from Canada; Charlotte Borchard, a container vessel coming from and returning to Portugal.
BOUNDER Wallaby pauses before fleeing from the police
She is determined to find her dog, Bounder and find a way to leave Marietta and all the challenges it represents.
I SEE that bounder Osbourne, has declared war on the British pasty eater, by his punitive taxation on the nation's favourite snack, and anyone who has the brass faced cheek to ask for it to be hot.
However, the young man is bound to Middlesbrough so only a cad or a bounder would pontificate over his future career in the Grub Street news sheets.