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Synonyms for bounder

someone who is morally reprehensible

someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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HIS country has always had a rich tradition of cads and bounders.
All while keeping yourself and Bounder quiet and out of sight
The Bounder motorized cart transports heavy loads in tight quarters with precision control, while traversing open spaces at speeds up to 5.
However, the young man is bound to Middlesbrough so only a cad or a bounder would pontificate over his future career in the Grub Street news sheets.
Earlier media reported that an Indian chopper was landed in Ordian bounder area of Kargil sector, adding the reason was bad weather which forced Indian pilot to land on Pakistani soil.
Only an absolute bounder, or quite possibly a naive foreigner, would think it possible or even desirable to elbow their way into the English aristocracy by buying a title.
Less likeable characters include the bounder Captain Andrew Robinson Stoney, who kept his first wife locked in a closet on a diet of an egg a day before pushing her downstairs and inheriting her wealth, and went on to give her successor a much harder time ('He had a devil in him that would have amazed ordinary villains; his biographer noted).
In fact, he was a bounder impregnating other men's wives and, ahead of his time, taking plenty up the hooter.
Hazie discovers that this bounder has already written his celebrity tell-all memoir, which foretells her death in a forthcoming Liilian Hellman-penned World War II musical extravaganza Unconditional Surrender, in which Miss Kathie's character defeats Japanese forces from Pearl Harbour to Nagasaki.
Imagine the monster truck of wheelchairs, and it maybe the Bounder Plus H-Frame power chair.
Hopefully Stephen will not make the same mistake as this notorious bounder.
I use K&N filters in all the vehicles (we also have a 2004 Tacoma and a 1996 Bounder motor home) and synthetic oils in the engines, and where possible the drive trains.
I am the bounder and executive director of two health-related nonprofits in Michigan: Without a Vision The People Perish and the Michigan Minority Health Coalition.
THE chameleonic Heath Ledger plays a very different romantic hero, far removed from his tortured loner in Brokeback Mountain, in this playful, lusty romp inspired by the legend of the Renaissance-era bounder.
Big Bounder who comes running and leaps headlong upon tables and through