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It would be my duty, if he came in my way, to deliver him up to justice,' said Ralph, 'my bounden duty; I should have no other course, as a man of the world and a man of business, to pursue.
But, however, I suppose you must wear it awhile, for form's sake; but I hope, Helen, you won't think it your bounden duty to compose your face and manners into conformity with your funereal garb.
As for you, Alan, it was no more than your bounden duty," she said.
She imparted these stories gradually to Miss Crawley; gave her the whole benefit of them; felt it to be her bounden duty as a Christian woman and mother of a family to do so; had not the smallest remorse or compunction for the victim whom her tongue was immolating; nay, very likely thought her act was quite meritorious, and plumed herself upon her resolute manner of performing it.
He had heard that Sir Felix had left College with the character of being little better than a revolutionist in politics and an infidel in religion, and he arrived conscientiously at the conclusion that it was his bounden duty to summon the lord of the manor to hear sound views enunciated in the parish church.
Weller, on a hasty consideration of all the circumstances of the case, considered it her bounden duty to become gradually hysterical.
They said that it was bounden duty of every one to get safety training to meet any eventuality.
He said that it was bounden duty of the government to ensure security of all places of worships.
Monument Valley FRAMED Bounden Watchdogs Companion: ctOS
3/77); Ms asse is bounden, as Y saide, wih long continuaunce (6/202)
He said that peace was our national and global need and hence it was urgency of the hour to maintain mutual harmony and fraternity among the Muslims especially during the holy month of Muharram adding that it was the bounden duty of every Muslim all and sundry to adhere to the true philosophy of Islam.
Its newest app, Bounden, started with a simple observation: Smartphone technology is perfect for recording and manipulating choreography because instruments inside can track the phone's movement and acceleration.
Though the greatest challenge lies in apprehending the accused, Sethi states that it is her bounden duty to protect the city women against sexual and other heinous crimes.
Wesley repeated Cranmer's sentence exactly but added: "for we are most bounden to serve God in doing good works commanded in Scripture all the days of our life.
For example, if you are just getting into one and see someone approaching from the corner of your eye, it is your bounden duty to wait for the person and grant him or her entry.