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having the limits or boundaries established


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Boundedly rational decision-making can also be `an unintentional consequence of an unconscious use of heuristics' or biases in decision-making.
Attention rules give actors boundedly rational attention allocation behavior.
Boundedly rational agents frequently resort to simplifications to economize on the cost of analysis (Waller 1994).
Given [Beta], [Gamma], with 0 [less than] [Beta], [Gamma], [less than] [Epsilon], R maps the space of strong smooth molecules of type ([Beta], [Gamma]) based at Q boundedly into itself.
As suggested by the title of this article, the key to much of the recent work is the presumption that Alice and Bob are boundedly rational, and the techniques used to examine this bounded rationality are provided by game theory.
1991; Wong and Agrawal 1992] which deal with boundedly inconsistent databases.
There we assume that individuals are boundedly rational, and that their expectations are generated in line with a varying parameter Kalman filter on the data set available to them.
The chemical is miscible with diethyl ether and chloroform, boundedly soluble in methanol and ethanol, slightly soluble in glacial acetic acid and practically insoluble in water.
Our model incorporates boundedly rational choice in that players choose better responses with higher probabilities, but may not necessarily choose the best response with probability one.
The bad news is that financial innovation can be a profit-seeking behavior by boundedly rational managers within the financial organizations.
Specifically, I will perform Monte Carlo simulations of the iterated network connection game, where players are boundedly rational (i.
80) Finally, even with respect to firms active in economic market contexts, empirical behavioral research has shown that while competitive forces do tend to eliminate some boundedly rational firms, they also "inevitably select some other such actors for success," to the point that firms that are imperfectly rational in their behavior even become overrepresented among surviving and successful corporations.
The smoker is just as boundedly rational when he throws away his cigarettes in frustration as he is when he buys and smokes them.
Sharma, The locally boundedly multiplicatively convex algebras, Math.