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Synonyms for bounded

having the limits or boundaries established


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Child Protection Officer (Legal) of CPB, Sumaira Advocate told reporter that CPB managed to rescue 16 children from different parts of the city who were involved in bounded child labour at hotels, workshops etc and produced them before the court.
Bounded Institutional Structures and Rules and Standards
Does the Typical Institution Have a Bounded or Unbounded
However, their rationality is bounded or limited within a certain context, which is characterized by complexity and uncertainty.
This paper reports on the connection between the notion of bounded rationality and system dynamics as a modelling and simulation methodology.
The most common form is an axis-aligned bounding box, whose extent in each dimension of the space is bounded by the minimum and maximum coordinates of the object in that dimension.
1/3] is a relatively slow-growing function, it seems justifiable that the bound on [Rho] is small for bounded aspect ratio and scale factor.
However, a growing number of behavioral scientists in a variety of disciplines now embrace a similar perspective, often called bounded rationality.
As an alternative to optimality, bounded rationality has lurked in the academic background since its description 40 years ago by psychologist Herbert Simon of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
In his new book, Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics, Sargent does not quite apostatize.
Additional plants have also gone live with Bounded Disposition, Taylor's batch manufacturing optimization solution.
Leona Cox School, with a current enrollment of 484, will increase its student population to 640 by adding students from Mint Canyon's attendance area, in parcels off Sierra Highway including Beneda Lane to Hillfield Lane, and a triangle bounded by Soledad Canyon Road, Sundowner Way and Golden Rain Lane.
The structure is well enough bounded so that one can define a "superatomic radius," in this case 355 angstroms, or hundreds of times that of an actual atom.
Hard real-time applications require predictable and bounded response times that do not violate system timing constraints.
Athens on the Hill is bounded by 120th Street, Figueroa and Vermont avenues and El Segundo Boulevard.