boundary condition

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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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1), and there-fore, the nature of heat exchange with the environment on the surface thereof must be taken into account, which, in turn, requires switching to third-type boundary conditions.
Imposing a hinged boundary condition at the location of expected nodal lines is difficult for this double curvature configuration, consequently the entire bell is modeled with a fixed thickness contour, and the clamped boundary condition is imposed on the center hole of the crown.
Actually shallow water flow problems have boundary exists, which belongs to mixed initial boundary value problem, so we must give early boundary conditions when we solving it.
The solutions of Eq (23) and (24) subject to the boundary condition (21), are:
The Neumann boundary condition corresponds to a reflection of the signal about the boundaries, i.
3] are the unknown constants, which are to be determined by considering the boundary conditions as [eta] [right arrow] [infinity].
1 Inputs required for the boundary conditions of the CFD model.
Also the impermeable boundary condition at the gale during the compression stage (Eq.
From 1st boundary condition C = 0, and from 2nd boundary condition first case k' = 2Al + B and l = 0 for k' = B.
for a quarter of the circle, where for the boundary condition, the points (1, [pi]/6] and (1, [pi]/3] was taken.
Now by boundary condition (11) for Scattered fields, we have
It is fair to say that the cell model approach is not only much less rigorous than the periodic array approach, but it is also open to criticism especially with regard to the specification of an appropriate boundary condition at the cell boundary.
During each transient test, only one boundary condition was changed with the other boundary conditions held constant.
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