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The sea of wild vegetation that tossed its surf against the boundaries of all his clearings and that sometimes crept in and flooded in a single week was no mean enemy to contend with and subdue.
As a warrior, the play of his mind had enabled him to beat back the bushmen's boundaries.
But Somo, the wide-seeing father of the new tribe, had established his boundaries far up in the bush on the shoulders of the lesser mountains, and on each shoulder had planted a village.
Now she was spilling over the boundaries of her Empire--that was all, just spilling over into the adjacent territories with all the certainty and terrifying slow momentum of a glacier.
On her land side, along her boundaries, were millions of the warriors of Europe.
The slaughter of the mad hosts on the boundaries was stupendous.
and I speak out of later knowledge--Heaven forefend me from the most of the average run of male humans who are not good fellows, the ones cold of heart and cold of head who don't smoke, drink, or swear, or do much of anything else that is brase, and resentful, and stinging, because in their feeble fibres there has never been the stir and prod of life to well over its boundaries and be devilish and daring.
A warrior, a man crafty in lakes, pointed out the boundaries of the land.
Hence the need of the fortifications; hence the few houses and little cultivated land without the limits of the walls; even the cattle are not safe from the attacks of the Indians beyond the boundaries of the plain, on which the fortress stands.
At midnight the wagon passes here that is to take us within the boundaries of that marvelous country.
After a hasty breakfast, they started to explore, running the irregular boundaries of the place and repeatedly crossing it from rail fence to creek and back again.
To strengthen the religious enthusiasm of the people, two of the most famous shrines of Hindoo pilgrimage are contained within the boundaries of Kattiawar.
But in everything I have written there is always one invariable intention, and that is to capture the reader's attention, by securing his interest and enlisting his sympathies for the matter in hand, whatever it may be, within the limits of the visible world and within the boundaries of human emotions.
PDF images) displaying attendance boundaries and the streets and other line features that attendance boundaries follow; (2) interactive, Web-enabled maps that allow parents to pan and zoom to areas within a school district; (3) narrative or legal descriptions that verbally describe the boundaries; and (4)
The new plan involves annexing 27 square miles located west of California City Boulevard and between the existing city boundaries and the Mojave-Barstow Highway (58).