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a morpheme that occurs only as part of a larger construction

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In addition, the present study showed that the protein expressions of bound form of HK II, PKM2, and LDHA were downregulated in muscle with low activated HIF-1[alpha] level of pigs fed low starch, high fat, and fiber diet, which was consistent with the changes of glycolytic enzymes activities.
Bound forms, which are linked to a record source like a table or query, can be used to add or edit data in the record source.
The free and bound forms can be directly measured by a variety of methods, or a mathematical formula can be used to calculate the percentage of free testosterone, based on the values for total testosterone, SHBG, and albumin.
Here the role of chemical and physical stimuli, when ligands are present in the soluble or bound form in activating the biological system is extensively reviewed.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of glycosaminoglycans did not release free silicic acid but rather yielded products of lower molecular weight, still containing silicon in bound form.
In the serum, PSA circulates in a bound form like scissors inside a case.
In their bound form, they have come to be known as oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, or OPC's.
The availability of comprehensive supplemental materials, including a set of positioning and anatomy aids on CD-ROM, slide/tape presentations, student workbooks, instructor manuals and test questions on computer disk and in bound form.
This transcendent image is the product of a communion of tightly bound form and formlessness, design and spontaneity.
6] alcohols--namely 1-hexanol, trans-2-hexenol, trans-3-hexenol, and cis-3-hexenol--were present in both free and bound form.
is presented in a clean, safer handling polymer bound form and is of 80% active chemical content, according to the company.
But we discovered that the majority of antioxidants found in whole grains occur in the bound form," said Dr.
is said to be presented in a clean, safer handling polymer bound form and is of 80% active chemical content.
Thus, a larger fraction was in the bound form when total leptin was lowest.